Thursday, November 12, 2009

Barry M having 20% discount!!!

This made me so wanna do some hauling at Barry M... I'm thinking about the blushes!!

Raspberry, Apricot and Terracotta look so yummy!!!!

But.. but...b..ut... I'm on makeup ban!!! =(  Maybe I should ask around see anyone/friends need anything and we can share the £8 (internation shipping charge) 


OK, here are some blog links for swatches and reviews on Barry M products
The Yummy mummy::
Terracotta and strawberry blush swatches ::


WOHoo!! Amy is doing a quick/tiny spree!!! Girls.. just head over to purplio for more information on the spree ^__^

I just placed my order ^____^  I didn't get anything else except the 3 blushes.