Monday, October 05, 2009

Tag: Who? What? How?

I was tagged by saffie... she created this lovely and short meme tag!! I love the questions ^__^

1) What are your makeup items must have(s)?

Foundation, eyeliners and mascara

2) Who was the first make up guru you watched on youtube?

Marlena (MakeupGeekTV

3) From the answer above, how did u stumble upon the person's channel?

The way I came across her channel have nothing to do with makeup... I was looking at some dance videos on Youtube and saw one of the videos was "britney spear makeup" (I always love her dark eye looks)... so I click in and fall in love with Marlena!  ^___^

Before that ... I don't sub to any makeup channels at all.. I'm those watched and forget type! lolx

4) How did you discover Onsugar?

I was searching for some MAC workshop news in Singapore and came across DIana ^__^ so I just registered to comment in her blog.

5) Who was the first onsugar blogger that you followed?

- Diana ^_~

6) Did you ever buy a make up item/tool which you end up not using or regretted buying?

All the times... I have so many eye lash curler that don't fit me... keep buying to get the right one.
Alot of eyeshadows, sunblock lotions, primers and blushes! lolx

7) What do you usually carry in your make up bag?

I don't carry makeup bag(I'm lazy) but if I do carry.. it would be loose powder, mascara and eye lash's curler

8) If you found your Holy Grail (HG) product, would you stick with it throughout or are you willing to try on other products which might end up not suitable for you?

I will stick to it and still trying out new products... who know there's a product even more better then my HG product... lolx

9) In your opinion which is more important, or rather which comes first, product quality or application technique?

I want to like to say both equally important... if I have to just choose one.. I think it's the product quality!

Take eyeshadow for example: we can just start out simple like applying just one  color along the lash line(treat it as a eyeliner) and after sometimes when you understand your eyes more then you can just add more colors and more blending.... becos application technique are gain from experiences. When you do more, fail more... you will get the ideas of it eventually!
As for the rest of the makeup... just keep on trying.... the more you do.. the better you'll become ^__^

Eg::When I just start to use eyeshadows... I applied it with my fingers and Qtips... with pigmented and easy to blend e/s it will help to created nice eye look without knowing any technique. (That's what I experiences when I was 11... hahahahahaa) 

10) On a scale of 5, how 'important' is make up to you?
In term of makeup wise (not including other stuff... just purely makeup only...)
I want to say 5.. hahahhaa... but I give it a "4" ... cos I think skincare are more important to me ^__^
But comparing makeup with the rest of my life interests and ects... I will say 2. (cos I won't die without makeup...lolx)

I will tag:: 



and all those who read this ^__~