Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Review: Loreal UV Perfect and Garnier UV protect sunblock lotion

I gonna compare Garnier and Loreal sunblock lotions 

Garnier UV Protect in white
(available in beige, purple and white)
  • Advance daily UV blocking lotion (With Mexoryl SX/XL)
  • Pure Vitamin E + Hydra-active complex
  • SPF 50 / PA+++
Price SD$17.90 [30ML]

Loreal UV Perfect, For transparent skin(white)
(Same as Garnier - available in beige, purple and white)
  • Long Lasting UVA/UVB Protector
  • Against Brown Spots/ Skin darkening/Premature Skin-ageing
  • SPF 50 / PA+++

Price: SD$20.90 [30ML]
Used to be SD$17.90(before they refomula)

OK lets compare both of the texture 


Garnier feel much watery as compare to Loreal. I prefer the Garnier texture better,  I feel that it's more moisturize.

Loreal have a more milky yellowish tone as compare to the Garnier
Both don't have any tinted tone in it after spreading over the skin. It's just the ingredients that make the lotions look different in shade.

After evenly spread out...
Garnier has a dewy finishing.. it's brighten up my face and it's feel moisturize rather then sticky.

Loreal... does make my face look brighter and have the look like you just applied moisturizer... have a slighly sticky feel as compare to Garnier.

I have been using Garnier since it first launched around 2007(?)... After using it for a while, I did notice that my face have become brighter, pigmentation have become lighter also. 

The sunblock power is awesome!

I wore this out under the sun for 2 hrs straight without any shelter or umbrella (cos I was taking a walk around the Pandan Reservior)...  I forgot to apply body sunblock on my neck and arms. I have some minor sunburns on my chest/arms/scalp!!!! And my face, it still feel fresh and moisturize at the end of the day ^__^

I like Loreal  because it have a sticky base... it made my foundation stay much longer, other then that... the sunblock power is the same as Garnier

I only get  Loreal when I can't find Garnier ^__^ it's a good alternative! lolx

I will keep on buying Garnier(or until I found better sunblock.sunscreen).... as for Loreal, I will still get it if I can't find Garnier! =Þ

If I have to just choose JUST one... I take Garnier! (It's the best sunblock lotions I've ever tried so far (and I didn't try alot also... kekekeke!!!)

Here are some good explanations of the "PA" in all sunblock/sunscreen
(Souce from Vivawoman)
PA system(The Japanese system) is the protection grade for UVA rays.
There are 4 levels of protection (PA, PA+, PA++ and PA+++)
The higher the level of PA, the more protection you get.

SPF is a measure of a sunblock's ability to prevent UVB from damaging the skin.
When applied properly, an SPF15 will filters out 93% of UVB, SPF30 filter out 97% and SPF 50 filters out 98%

What's the correct sunblock dosage?About half teaspoon or more for adult's face.
That's all for now, hope this is helpful :)