Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Product review: Mavala waterproof Mascara

The Silk Protein enriched waterproof mascara
Price: SD$18.90 (Free another normal waterproof volume mascara)
(I haven't tried the free version yet.. so no review on it)
The brush head

It a enriched treatment for lashes.. help to strengthens, thickens and lengthen your lashes.

Price: SD$18.90 (Come with a free lash volumn waterproof mascara)
Packaging: 4.5 / 5 (I love the brush head)
Products: 3/5

It thick and not runny like alot of mascaras I've tried.
when I first open it, I thought that the macara was too dry or it already dries up! lolx
But turn out that the thick and dry fomular make application very easy... (good for beginners.. cos it won't get too dirty and messy! lolx)
It's waterproof but not oil proof... it smudges abit around my undereye's bags.
Took awhile to dry compare to most of the waterproof mascaras.

When I applied, I don't feel that it have lengthen my lashes.. just darken.
After using for a week... I do feel that my lashes are abit stronger but other then that it's doesn't give me the look I want when I applied it. So I have to use my majolica or fasio mascara to layer ontop of it to make it look longer and fuller!
I think maybe after using the whole bottle, my lashes will grow or become much stronger and ects... but I'm too lasy to stick to it! lolx
Will I buy it again? No...
I prefer a mascara that is water and oil proof, won't give me panda eyes and make my lashes look full and long.

(I hardly do any review... hahahhaa... hope this tiny review do help ^__^)