Monday, October 05, 2009

My vanity area

Sharing one of my tiny heaven in my room (the other would be my TV/cds area)


It look abit messy.. with the pasted on light! lolx I have been thinking about revamping this area... I don't really like the dresses cos it's too space consuming!)... I just want something simple... like a small table with a full length mirror (I'm still thinking about it! lolx)

The airtight glass jars was my fave!! I feel like changing the lids to those metal type(where you use to cover mug/cup but big one.. more easy to open then the original air tight covers)

OK.. the makeup drawers ^__^
The top.. I put all the brushes that I will use(most of them)


First drawer
Face stuff(and backup edm foundation)
Blushes/concealers/Foundation/Sunblock lotions/Primers/BBcreams/Lip balms

2nd drawer
Eyeshadows (I layered it so that I can have more stuff in there with clear view)
THe most used stuff on first layer (I kept all the newly bought MAC e/s at the back in their boxes)

The 2nd layers (from the 2nd drawer)
Eye liners/mascaras

3rd and 4th layers
More eyeshadows and some minerals eyeshadow pigments
Oh... I cut one of my biotherm box into half to put mascaras and eyeliners(at the right side)

3rd drawer more eyeshadows (I'm a eyeshadows junkie.. hee hee)
88 original eye and 66 lip palettes

Below the palettes are more eyeshadows

4th drawer
Backup/samples/new buy
It's messy! lolx (I have to start packing it...)

5th drawer
Brushes/Brush rolls (new brushes or brushes that I seldom use)

6th drawer
Some face stuff/cotton/qtips/nail stuff in the box

7th drawer
Empty palette/boxes/containers/Jars and ects

Bottem and last drawer
Nail polishs that I bought this year

OK... back to my dresses drawers
First drawer
mise stuff/buffer/batteries chargers/cable/empty bottles and jars

2nd drawers (This is a messy one.. lazy to pack! lolx)
Hair curler/Flat Iron/some accessories
I hardly open this drawer.. hahahaha..
The pink hello kitty box was a Happy Meal free gift back in 2005
(Best free gift ever.. cos I love boxes)

Last/bottem drawer
Mostly random stuff...
More nail polishs/empty boxes/sea salt/buttons in coffee jar and ects

Oh.. and I kept all those Biotherm samples or some extra stuff in another cupboard
Have to start organizing... my stuff were all over my room! lolx
Just showing the left side of this shelving...
On the right are very personal stuff (those we use once amonth! lolx)
And the bottem 2 shelves are my arts stuff and my bags and knitting stuff ^__^ (too messy to show)


That's all... not going to go into details of my stash! hahahaa
Oh ya.. all my makeup stuff build up last year around Oct (I think)  after I throw away all my old makeup!  Hate my old stash... super messy and gross! 

I start using mineral foundation around June last year! I think that was the time, I start to hate my old collection! So after thinking about it for 3 to 4months... I just throw everythings away and buy new one ^__^) And I feel so happy... cos new makeup always brighten me up ^___^

I didn't throw away my skincares... I finished it all... I used to use bodyshop face stuff (Tea tree/ Vitamin E/ seaweed ranges) .. until I came across Biotherm around July last year and I'm still loving it ^__^ but recently I feel like trying Clinique moisturizer...

I still use Bodyshop wise woman eyecream (SD$42 before member 15% discount)... I tried Biotherm eyes gel before, don't like it!

OK... should left my skincares stuff to another entry! lolx