Friday, October 16, 2009

Mini Haul:: i nuovi + The Bodyshop + swatches

Went to Orchard today... planning to get eyecream from bodyshop as mine just finished (I using my mum's since yesterday) and check out the Moisture White package! Oh and also check out the inuovi promotion.

These are what I got

The bodyshop Moisture White package SD$50(I'm not sure whether this package was open for public buy.. cos I got a letter from them.

I also got the wise women eyecream using my SD$15 vouchers from their "love you body" rewards card.
The Moisture White set I got it for my mum... cos she told me she need some new whitening stuff ^__^ (She used it and quite happy with it ^__^)

Next was inuovi... I was set to check out the promotion SD$9.90 Color D36 blushes (and I didn't check out the eyeshadows! lolx)

↑without flash

I love entice...

I went to Far East Plaza outlet.... when I was there... they have too many MUA (like 3 crowded around the blushes counter) and another MUA was doing a customer's eyebrows.

So when I was checking out the blushes... I donno where to start lolx... and one of the MUA offer to help, asking what kind of shade I'm looking for... I told her I want something peachy/coral... 

Yes, she was helpful showing me those popular shades... but when I pick up a pretty pink color one... she just took it from my hand(before I can swatch it) and say "No.. that's Pink" and then put back to the display...

I was like -_-" what's she's thinking???? Do I look like some little kids who donno the different between Pink and Coral? (That's the only down side... maybe she meant no harm... but I felt offended at that point! lolx) 

Anyway... I bought 3 (Have to get 3 to entitle the SD$9.90 promotion, if only getting 1 you get 25% off)
Original price of the blush was SD$24.90 (if I'm not wrong.)

I will be going back to check out their eyeshadows and maybe getting some other blushes shades on Saturday with my friends. And also checking out the MAC collection for pre-ordering/home ordering(am I right??)

Do any of you getting any Inuovi stuff?? Do share... I want to know whether I missed out some pretty colors/products ^__^