Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mini Haul:: The Bodyshop + Cyber colors + swatches

Got alittle somethings at The BodyShop on Sunday (wasn't plan to get any of these except the nails buffer... )
Strawberry Reed Diffuser, Africa Sea salt scrub and 2 buffers(SD$4.90) (One for me and One for my dad)

Oops... I took out the reed Diffuser glass... it look like this ::

Right now... TBS having promotion on almost all frangrance stuff... I got the Strawberry Reed Diffuser @SD$29.90(Up to SD$42.90)... the scent was so yummy! lolx
I pour abit of the frangrance oil into the glass and use 4 Reed sticks for my living room area... and I recycle all of my frangrance "Air Wick" containers(clean/wash it) and pour abit of the oil with 2 reed sticks for each bedrooms!! Now my home smell like strawberry!

Air Wick container also have alot of tiny holds on the cover... just good for poking the reed sticks! lolx

OK... back to my buying....
SPA WISDOM Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub
350ml 13.5OZ(385g) SD$52.90

The paste was really thick and creamy!! It look like candle wax from the container! lolx
(TBS members get either 10%, 15% or 20% off on regular price item)
I'm using the 20% discount, so it didn't burn my wallet much! lolx

Yesterday(Monday)... went to VIVO for dinner... and I stop by sasa to get the spray bottle(I just need the spray head.. cos I drop my MAC brush cleanser bottle and it hit the spray head... Yes, it's spoiled  =(  And sasa sell it cheaper then Daiso (SD$1.55 each only! lolx)

I also bought 2 eyeshadows, 2 blushes from cyber colors and a pack of hair elastic bands(SD$3.75? can't remember).

I got the new collection cyber colors eyeshadows (they have 4 shades) SD$18 each ...
the blushes was on discount... SD$10each (original price is $20.30)...
their lipstick also on discount.. think also half price!

Pink(03) is a matte blush and the tan(13) have abit of sheen in it.. not shimmery at all... just a nice glow.
(Both blushes was really smooth) Made in Japan.

This collection was made in Italy! 
A  mixture of 3 shades in a pan!!

Neptune:: the blue one have silver, blue and purple...

Here's the swatches

Swatching from the top and bottem of the pan... and it have 2 different payoff shades...
Purplish blue and silvery blue

Earth: the green one.. contain:: gold, green and silver

Here's the swatches

Swatching from the top and bottem of the pan.
The part where it have more gold... it turn to this very pretty golden green shade and the bottem half have a smoke silvery green(more silver then green) 

The texture were really smooth and silky (good pigmentation.. all the swatches were done with just one swipe with no base!)


That's all.. I think I'm have bought enough blushes and eyeshadows for now... gonna give it a rest... no more makeup buying til the end of this year (But I'm still going to buy facial stuff... like face wash, shampoo and ects... it's a must buy... lolx)