Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Haul: MAC + Sephora + Apple + swatches

Went Orchard yesterday... and I got these...

((Note:: The receipt wasn't mac receipt.. it's watson cos I put everything together! lolx))

First stop at Centerpoint Harvey Norman
My early bday present from my sister , she bought one for herself too!
Mine is pink and her's is green
16Gb with video camera and radio function! SD$288 each (additional SD$32 each for extended 2yrs warrenty)

Stop by at TAKA MAC store ^__^
I bought... Pro palette and an eyeshadow!
Wanna get more eyeshadows... but I donno why I didn't get it! lolx
Oh and the MUA was so friendly and helpful.. she wanna teach me how to depot the shadow! lolx


 @ION Sephora (I forgot to stop by Watson to check out the Eco tools brushes)
Didn't buy anything else... just Burt's bee shampoo
Parabens and sls free ^__^ and it smell so good!

I used the shampoo twice now, so far so good... very easy to lather into my scalp, feel really clean and oil free... (anyway it's still early to tell!)  I have been wanting to get this after I saw viva woman blog about it! Will try the conditional next time ^__~

My sis got a perfume balm (I want one too.. but my nose was so blocked, can't smell athing! lolx)

It smell like lemon barley to me... but my sister say it smell more like a sweet woody scent and my little sis say it smell like my dad wallet!
(Note: My dad love wallets... he always rub perfume oil or essential oil on his wallet making it smell nice and glossy! hahaa)
Anyway... my point was that... each scent might smell different to ppls... so I can't really review on it!!!
The only think I can say is.. this is organic... no parabens, no alxohol and no coloring agent (Happily made in France-stated from the box)

@ West Coast Plaza Watson!
I bought Loreal Blush in 04 Rosewood SD$14.10 (Under best buy promotion!!)
I really like it.. I'm thinking about getting the other shades before the promo went off!!!
Revlon mineral bronzer in 050 Deep bronze SD$24.90

The revlon one... at first I thought it was mineral blushes (cos the poster say it's blushes) who know the darker shade with a bronze tone was actually a bronzer! lolx
Anyway.. I don't mind.. cos it have a very pretty bronze tone with gold sheen! Very sheer not powdery at all!

Loreal Blush

It look more like dusty rose shade on the pan
But on skin.. it look pinky coral with gold sheen
With flash

without flash


Revlon Mineral bronzer SD$24.90


without flash

That's all for my mini haul!!!


OH ya... just now,  depotted some of my mac e/s and filled up my palette ^__^

I love it... think I will be going back to get another palette soon ^__^