Saturday, September 12, 2009

LA Colors: EP46 Stormy Palette swatches

Finally, my 2nd swatches on LA Colors palettes! So far I only use Stormy and Tea TIme palette.. I still have another 4 palettes that I haven't start using! =Þ
The texture was kinda silky and creamy.. very smooth , buildable shades and it blend very well ^__^ I love the 2nd silver from the left!
Suitable for day time use, cos the color payoff not super intense!
So far I haven't came across any counters at shopping mall selling LA Colors... anyone knew where can get it?? I got this at EXPO sales!! Price SD$7.00 each palette!
From their US website.. I saw some really nice eyeshadows and blushes... feel like trying it! lolx

Onsugar was acting weird...
I blog about this in the afternoon and I can't find this entry anywhere now!!! So weird de~ lolx (made me blogged again! lolx) Anyway facing the same problems?????