Thursday, September 03, 2009

L'officiel Magazine Free eyeshadow from Ed Pinaud worth $75 each!!!! (+Swatches)

Look what I found when I was checking out Kinokuniya today!!!!!
Each magazine cost SD$5.90 and it come with an eyeshadows(5 shades to choose) from Ed Pinaud worth $75each!!!
The 5 shades are :: Midnight Blue, Rose Brown, Frosted White, Emerald Green and Glided Black!

At the bottem, open up with a nice mirror and 2 applicator tips!

It alot bigger compare to MAC single size!

The eyeshadows were imported from Paris!!
When I swatched it, the texture were really creamy.....  almost like cream eyeshadow!!!! Very smooth and pigmented!!
Kinda feel like 02skin single eyeshadow (the $1.90 promotion one) but way more creamy, smooth, intense and pigmented!
All swatches done without any base!!!

Glided Black was the only one that are matte with gold Glitters (not as metallic/creamy as the rest!!!)
Midnight Blue, Rose Brown and Frosted White have silver glitters(mica)
Emerald Green have a nice golden sheen (NO glitters, just fine shimmers)