Monday, September 28, 2009

2009 CozyCot's Holy Grail Party @ Expo + haul!

Party start from 11am to 6pm.. so me and my friend plan to meet at 10.30pm... end up she was late... so I was there alone waiting and waiting... but I bump into purplio.. She was there early too! lolx.. she look no different from all her pics in her blog ^__^ pretty~

The above 2 pics were taken just outside the party... before 11am (we can't enter yet.. have to wait till 11 then the registeration begin.. can see some ppls already start queueing and waiting to enter!

Door gift : Samples from Loreal hair product and Bio essence
Yogurt drink and soya bar(I ate it before I took this pic! lolx and it doesn't taste nice.. too sweet for my liking! lolx) 

Walked one round before heading towards Majolica Majorca booth to vote for my fave chapter ^__^ Free cell phone charm when you vote!
I bought 2 item there.  First time ever... they are having 30% discount!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the display shelve of the 4 chapter for us to vote ^__^
I vote chapter 21 cos I kinda like almost all their products... so I just choose the display that catches my eyes more.. hee hee


Then... my friend came... My hauling begin and I forgot to take pics of the whole hall! lolx (Sorry~)

Here are some of the pics... we took when we took a rest outside.... 

The hat belong to my friend!

The rest would be at my random personal journal

Here are the stuff I bought at the party!!!!
I got the single eyeshadow) + eyeliner (Both after discount was SD$22)
(Free cell phone charm after voting for the fave chapter)

Bought the fade cream SD$32.50 (think it's SD$3 cheaper)

The purple bag and the stuff inside were all free gift!

Stage having buy one get one free promotion. So I got 2 nail polishes(SD$15 each)

At Rimmel... I saw that they have Sexy curves waterproof mascara(SD$17.90)!!!
I have to have it!! Even though I just bought macara the other days!!!
The nail polish was a free gift

I also bought apair of heels ...

Purchase above SD$100 entitle a cozycot goodie bag

Around 2plus... my friend and I were so hungry we just went off... forgot to check out the other event/sales at EXPO!lolx
We went to Bugis! Have some lunch and then start walking around....

Went to Watsons and I got the water base makeup removal that was highly recommended by Kimoko
Free after shave spray lotion! And I also got the latest issue of Glow(Free toothpaste)

That's all... nothing too crazy at the party... so I never really gone crazy at hauling!! hahahahah