Monday, September 28, 2009

2009 CozyCot's Holy Grail Party @ Expo + haul!

Party start from 11am to 6pm.. so me and my friend plan to meet at 10.30pm... end up she was late... so I was there alone waiting and waiting... but I bump into purplio.. She was there early too! lolx.. she look no different from all her pics in her blog ^__^ pretty~

The above 2 pics were taken just outside the party... before 11am (we can't enter yet.. have to wait till 11 then the registeration begin.. can see some ppls already start queueing and waiting to enter!

Door gift : Samples from Loreal hair product and Bio essence
Yogurt drink and soya bar(I ate it before I took this pic! lolx and it doesn't taste nice.. too sweet for my liking! lolx) 

Walked one round before heading towards Majolica Majorca booth to vote for my fave chapter ^__^ Free cell phone charm when you vote!
I bought 2 item there.  First time ever... they are having 30% discount!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the display shelve of the 4 chapter for us to vote ^__^
I vote chapter 21 cos I kinda like almost all their products... so I just choose the display that catches my eyes more.. hee hee


Then... my friend came... My hauling begin and I forgot to take pics of the whole hall! lolx (Sorry~)

Here are some of the pics... we took when we took a rest outside.... 

The hat belong to my friend!

The rest would be at my random personal journal

Here are the stuff I bought at the party!!!!
I got the single eyeshadow) + eyeliner (Both after discount was SD$22)
(Free cell phone charm after voting for the fave chapter)

Bought the fade cream SD$32.50 (think it's SD$3 cheaper)

The purple bag and the stuff inside were all free gift!

Stage having buy one get one free promotion. So I got 2 nail polishes(SD$15 each)

At Rimmel... I saw that they have Sexy curves waterproof mascara(SD$17.90)!!!
I have to have it!! Even though I just bought macara the other days!!!
The nail polish was a free gift

I also bought apair of heels ...

Purchase above SD$100 entitle a cozycot goodie bag

Around 2plus... my friend and I were so hungry we just went off... forgot to check out the other event/sales at EXPO!lolx
We went to Bugis! Have some lunch and then start walking around....

Went to Watsons and I got the water base makeup removal that was highly recommended by Kimoko
Free after shave spray lotion! And I also got the latest issue of Glow(Free toothpaste)

That's all... nothing too crazy at the party... so I never really gone crazy at hauling!! hahahahah

Friday, September 25, 2009

Drugstore brands haul! VOV, Mavala, coastal scents mineral blush and ects (+ swatches)

I didn't plan to get all this stuff when I went to Jurong Point this afternoon with my Ariya(my sister)... All I want was the mini size DUO adhesive glue and some ointment for my crack skins.

At Guardian Pharmacies, I got the ointment and Methylated Spirit(Cos I used up my last 2 bottle of alcohols... mainly on cleaning mirrors/dresses top areas)

And at Popular, I bought art glue for faux lashes on bjd(Ball joined dolls) and blue tack(non makeup related... lolx)

I got Mavala(from switzerland) waterproof mascara in black and an eyebrow tweezer from SaSa.

Mavala was a Silk protein enriched waterproof mascara! It say it will strengthens and lengthens lashes.
I got it in black, cos the MUA say it only got black.. which I later found out from the init, saying it got 6 shades! =( Anyway.. if this is good.. I will be getting the other shades! (Free a  volume & Longueur mascara.. which is waterproof too)
Price: SD$18.90 (Cheap ^_^)

The wing shape tweezer (Price SD$3.90)

From an accessories store outside Jurong Point/along the MRT there... I bought VOV purplish pink blush and an eyeshadows palette!!

VOV blush in shade #04

VOV eyeshadows palette (OMY.. it's so smooth and pigmented.. almost feel like Sleek palette texture!)
This VOV palette shadows texture were so different to their single eyeshadow!
(This one almost feel like mineralise eyeshadows!! Maybe it is.. I just don't understand korean! lolx)

The casing was so pretty!!! I got #05
(They have 5 different palettes... should I go back for the other 4???)
This palette are smaller then the sleek palette(11cmx5cm)

The purple and white are matte shades
I Received my CoastalScents Package, which I ordered on 14 Sept (about 2days later then my EDM order, which I'm still waiting for it!)
I didn't order brushes or colors stuff... mostly bases and adhesive powder for my DIY loose/setting powder (refill, cos my loose powder is running low!)
Silica Powder Spheres/Boron Nitride/ 2 empty sifter jars/lip gloss(for my friend)

They gave me a mineral brush sample ^__^

Peachy.. with gold and silver mica

I didn't spend too much money... which is good! lolx.. I wanna save it for the beauty convention this sat.. alot of brands having booth there with discounts!!!!
So far I only knew, Majolica, O2skin, Loreal and Maybelline will be there... anyone new any new brands having booth there???
Last Sunday, I finally meet up with my friend to collect my brush sets and empty palettes which she help me to ordered around July/August! (Will do an entry on it soon)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I wanna say a huge "Thank You" to Sophia, Jasmine and saffy for the normination ^__~


1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

7 things about myself... hmm...
1)I grow up thinking of being a street artist..hahahah! (But my creative juice have become lesses and lesses when I aged!)

2)I breathe thru my mouth most of the time.. My nose was blocked almost every seconds.. sometimes not totally blocked, where I can breath in some air.. but I cannot just use my nose to breath... not enough oxygen! lolx

3)I love Children/teen/Disney movies alot!! Even though I'm a hard core horror fan too!(Loving zoombie movies, Night of the living dead, my favourite!!) But I also do love to watch very super cheesey romantic comedy, action movies, detective movies.. I hate wars related movies!! lolx (basically I just love movies! lolx)
I donno anyone remember "Model behavious" (A Disney movie starring Justin Timberlake).. I love it!! SO cute >.<~ lolz

4) I love to watch Youtube home make comedy video.. especially
Ryan(Nigahiga) !!(So sub his channel! Do check out his version of Twilight.. so cute! lolx) very entertaining

5) I can sense "ghost" or see them sometimes(creepy I know.. but to me, it's not anymore!) My whole family can sense it except my mum(we got it from our dad!!) And I have super strong six sense when I was little! (I know things going to happen before it happened! I hope I still have that now.. so that I can go buy 4D and toto! lolx)

6)I don't read or watch news/newspapers!!!! And during secondary year where you have to cut newspaper clipping for geography class!! I was so sick of it!!! Because of that.... I hate geography and I was absent from my Geo "O" level exam (How silly was I... lolx)

7)I once thought about taking makeup course back in 2000 (But I was so busy with my outdoor sales job... I quit the idea!)

Phew~ that's was hard trying to think about 7 stuff about me! hahahaha...

OK.. me going to nominate:
2) beautopia
3) debx
4) retailtherapy
5) roseannebeauty
6) linnera
7) mariamaegan


Friday, September 18, 2009

Contest entry for adorebeauty NEON/Bright colors eye's look!

This look is for the adorebeauty neon eye's look contest! 
I never do a neon eye's look before and I was pretty excited to do it! lolx...

Here's my look ^__^


Products I used::

Products I used on my face::
Boi~ing concealer (for undereye areas) (SD$41)
EDM Light almond foundation
DIY silica base loose/setting powder

On my Cheek:
Improvise blush as the highlight base (SD$44)
02Skin Enchantress eyeshadows in MC2935 and MC2952 (SD$1.90each)

Products I used on my eyes::
Coastal scents 88 orginal palette: I use yellow/ greenish yellow/hotpink/purple/black (SD$30plus I think)
MAC Soba on eyebrows (SD$26)
Moroha liquid eyeliners (SD$29.90)
Mojolica Mojorca waterproof mascara (SD$25.90)
Fasio waterproof mascara (SD$21.90??? can't remember)
NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk (SD$5.90, 2 for SD$10.50) (I got my at mascara-page)
TFSI as base (SD$28)
Loreal palette.. just using the frosty white for highlight (SD$29.90?? Sorry I can't remember)
Stila Duo eyeshadow in Lily (Pink color to blend the purple around crease and orange at the inner corner of my eyes)
(SD$6- got this at robinson sale @EXPO)

As you can see(still no glue for faux lashes.. I need to buy one soon so that my intense look can be fully polish! lolx)
I put on many layers of mascara to make it look long and thick.. and I drew fake full lower lashes.

Tag: My Customised MAC Palettes

Sophia(retailtherapy)... tagging everyone to do the "customise our own MAC palettes"
ME joining this exercise and fun tag ^__^
I tag anyone everyone who came across this entry.

OOOhhhhh.... this gonna be my Wish list too!!!
Great idea sophia...  an easy way to remember what we want and wish to have! lolx

Thursday, September 17, 2009

LOTD: Foxy Green

I donno what to name this look! lolx.. and the only words I can think of were "foxy" and "Vixen" .. . hahahhaaa
Anyway... here's the pics (closeup eye's pics were taken without flash... full face pics all taken with flash)


Products used on eyes::
as base
Bourjois clubbing black liner (on the lids.. draw like a fan shape.. not too close to the inner lid/corner)
CCUK palettes: using the yellowish-golden and the middle blue(from each palette)
Canmake color wishes #04
Majolica Majorca single shadow #BL724
Callas "Java" on eyebrows (Dark brown matte shade)
Faiso mascara in blue (for darkening/volume lashes)
Majolica Majorca mascara in black(for lengthening)
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline as liner  
I didn't have lashes glue... so didn't put on faux lashes...
I drew the outer bottem and top lashes on with fluidline(lolx)

Products used on face
Sunblock lotion
Mac improvise blush with Mac(e/s) soft force on cheek
Everyday minerals foundation in "olive fair" mix abit of mint concealer (I wanna my face to look more paler, so I use a shade lighter)
DIY silica base loose/setting powder

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

OPI Matte Nail Polish in La-Paztively Hot + swatches

I've read alot about matte nail polish... and have been thinking about getting one to try... but I never really so keen on getting it soon... cos I was having doubts.... it's matte and I love my nails to look shimmering or glossy! lolx...

But after seeing retail_therapy swatches on La-Paztively Hot... I'm SOLD!!!! I have to have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolx

One look at the bottle.. the hot pink look kinda shimmering... when applied at first it look glossy and then within afew seconds it dry to a matte shade!! (I love it... it dry really fast!!!!!!)

OK... here's the pics of me wearing this lovely matte nail polish!! Oboy.. I love it so much!! lolx I only apply one coat.. it go on smoothy and dry almost instantly!! I think I'm going to get more!!! lolx Like sophia mention in her blog.. I have a feeling that it will chip off really fast! lolx

With flash.... with just one coat it already look quite opaque! 

Without flash... you can see the tiny shimmers
 (I believe if you put a top coat on.. it would look shimmering! lolx)