Saturday, August 08, 2009

Tag: My MAC collection

I was tagged by Diana for my mac collection.

I haven't been using eye's makeup for many years(I did try using eyeshadows on and off... thru-out the 6 to 7 yrs, but it make my eyelid so itchy!!!!) and only last year, I start to use it! (luckily I never lost my touch on doing eye's do! lolx)...
One of my eye lids was having some skin problems back in 2001/2002 and then last year Loreal release the wonderful mineral eyeshadows... I bought it use it and I feel OK ^___^ it was like heaven opening his door to me again!!! Bright lights with fireworks everywhere! lolx

And when I think I'm totally ok with using eye makeup products... I start to buy more eyeshadows ^___^ mostly drugstore brands first... to make sure I'm really ok with eyeshadows on my eye's lids before spending on MAC ^__^

So this little MAC collection of mine start to build up this year....

I'm not really a lippy person (Don't like the feel of the lipstick on my lips)
And for blushes.. I use to think that one blush is enough and will only get new one when the one I have hit pan... but recently, I suddenly become so crazy about blushes... I keep wanting to buy more(That's bad~)

Think now you all must have guessed how old I am now...... not young! lolx