Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Singapore Toys and comic con 2009

Went to STCC on sunday cos my little sister, She wanna check out the blythe booth... I didn't do any hauling (yeah me! lolx)

Anyway... beside checking out the coscon, we(whole family) have a small movies marathon! We watched Orphan and Where got ghosts?

Personally I DON'T want to see "Where got ghost"?  It such a lame movie... and turn out I was right (very old school plot, which you use to see in the early 90s Hongkong horror movies) but it's still fun to watch movies in cinema with the whole family ^__^

Anyway, these dolls were all having pretty makeover!!!!! 
I was thinking about doing an EOTD base of one of the dolls! ^__^
Fun right? lolx 

my mum and me ^__^(I look huge standing beside her! lolx)