Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Review: Sukin organic shampoo!

First I wanna explain my scalp and hair conditions::
I have oily scalp, my hair get oily very easily and my scalp is very sensitive!
I hate my scalp so much.. cos it always get itchy or super greasy when hair conditional touches my scalp... or the shampoo is for dry or normal hair!
So I always try to use shampoo that say will give good balance, make my scalp clean and ects.. but I still have painful scalp and sometimes it causes minor flaking(tiny tiny white dots... yuck!)

So after trying so many products... I decided to try more organic shampoo.. without paraben, mineral oils and chemical foaming agents and ects. (I was thinking maybe those were the Culprits(lolx)
I read about Sukin products online before.... and surprising nobody mention about their shampoo before... mostly are their shower gel. I guess I can give it a try since it organic and I can just get it at Watsons (easy to buy ^__^)

I got this 2 weeks ago... and have been using it everyday... I was surprise that even without any chemical forming agents.. it still foam very easily when it touches water but it is so hard to lather into my scalp.. which result in using alot more compare to normal shampoo!
But it does clean my hair and scalp really well... my scalp don't feel painful, hair not as greasy as before(even thought it still feel oily... anyway I still have my dry shampoo to suck away the grease! lolx) and the most important thing is... my flaking have stop (my flaking only appear on the right side of my scalp above my ear).Yeah! hahahaa

Price: $12.90 for 250ml
Product: I give it 3.5 / 5
Will I buy it again : Yes ^__^
(but I wanna try the Akin Organic shampoo first.. heard so much good reviews about it and it have almost the same ingredients and paraben free too!)

Do you all have any good shampoo to recommend??

I forgot to mention this is more suitable for oily hair/ oily scalp.
It would be too drying for dry hair/scalp.