Wednesday, August 05, 2009

One item haul .....

After knowing that Revlon matte collection have hit Singapore! I can't wait to check it out!!!
We hardly have any Matte shadows in drugstore brands... except Callas(Oh this is cheaper then the Revlon... think is $7).. you can find Callas at John Little and small beauty store from town areas or somethings.

So today I went to IMM watsons... I got 005 Venetian blue... it a beautiful sea blue color... pigmentation GOOD!
Original Price:: $13.90, after discount (Watsons Promotion) $10.90

I tried all colors.. the dark brown don't look dark at all... Calla Brown are so dark and wonderful and I got it at John little sales last years... which cost about $5+
-The darker blue one(forgot the name) look alot like a lighter version of MAC Prussian
-Where the peach and lime green colors are so light and powdery... it's almost like pale powders shade!
-The dark olive green(Can't remember the name) look nice... but I don't really like this color to be matte... lolx

I didn't try out the lip colors... cos I don't use lipstick... hahah (save money) and the eyeliners... I like the white.. but it look alot like LA girl eyeliners!

I didn't spend any cash on this baby... cos I pay it with my capitol vouchers ^__^ so I didn't break my "Makeup ban for August" promise! lolx