Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mini Haul: MAC Makeup Art Cosmetic collection!

I was so excited about this collection that I rush over to Isetan this evening(around 5pm)... there wasn't any crowds and most of the beauty counters at Isetan are having sales/promos... anyway... I can't be bother...lolx

All the testers were pretty new! Yeah... so I start swatching away and pretty disappointed (Not wat I thought it would be)

  • Off the Page(Frost).. I thought it would be more orangey(anyway, I still get it, lolx)
  • Crest the wave(Frost)... I love this(in fact this was one of the 3 eyeshadows from this collection I like ^__^
  • Haunting(Satin)... the color payoff wasn't so good.. it more matte than satin! lolx (I didn't want to get it.. but Ash the MUA.. he keep saying it a wonderful color.. it would look so good on you and ects... I guess I'm enchanted by him! lolx
  • Maira's Mood (satin)... the color was nice... very pinky.. but it look rather matte (It would be a nice cheek color, lolx) I didn't get it.. I donno... sometimes pink don't look good on my eyelids(I have to think about it first)
  • Violet Trance(Matte),, color payoff wasn't good... I even give it a very hard rub on the shadow still the color won't stick on my finger! (maybe my finger was oily? lolx)
  • Purple Shower(Satin).. This one also have the same texture/color payoff as Vibrant Grape(from the style warrior collection) not very fond of it!

Anyway.. I don't like to buy stuff in odd number, so I got Brule from the perm' collection ^____^ Anyway.. I in a rush... so I didn't actually check out the eyeliners and pigments! =(

Did y'all get anythings from this collection???

M∙A∙C AND JIN SOON Nails Collection also out in the store!