Sunday, August 23, 2009

MAC Style Demon Blush Finally!!

Today(sat 22 Aug 2009) was the Rimmel's workshop (I will blog about it in another post, too tired to resize those pics now, lolx)... my bff was late!! (NO surprise, I knew she will late! lolx) 

So I walk around Orchard..  and then when I was at Isetan.. I saw that they still have the Style Demon Blush... I swatched it and walk away (thinking about my makeup's ban and on whether I need this brush anot) but after a few steps... I Uturn back and told the MUA I want one! (lolx)

 There goes my ban....

I'm loving it ^__~ I do not regret getting it at all!!!! I show the swatches on the back of my hand to my bff when she reached... she say it so pretty!!!! HAhahha I'm happy ^.^

I also wanna get Fashion eyeshadow from Love that look collection..... but it was sold out at CK Tang and Isetan =( anyway... it's not a must want color! lolx

I ask the MUA when would Makeup Art Collection on sale in Singapore.. and she was so excited and told me it will be out on 28 Aug 2009 exclusive at Isetan!!!!!! Yeah...

OK, me going to bed now... I sprained my back yesterday(I tweet about it) and it getting more and more painful... it's a nightmare going out and have to bare all the pains when I moved around during the workshop and then be at a super crowded Japanese Summer festival on a Japanese Primary school(around EXPO) after the workshop!!!!

My back is screaming in pain when I try to stand/sit/turn/move!!!!! Hai~