Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mac: Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection Onsale at MAC website!!!

It out on sale at MAC(US) website... I was so tempted to order online(but I need to swatch first! lolx)
MY top list to get are eyeshadows (all the single eyeshadows are so pretty)
-Crest the wave
-Off the Page
-Haunting-Maira's Mood (didn' feel like getting the pink and purples one.. but heard that these have pretty!!!)
-Violet trance
-Purple Shower
Anyway, I need to do swatch first(to save more money)... but with or without swatching, I definitely getting Crest the wave and Off the Page!!!
If I order online... think I will get all the colors even the purple one! hahaa.... But it does cost cheaper buying online? (lolx)
I was wondering... anyone ordering online?? If so maybe we can share shipping (or we just shop at local MAC counter!)