Monday, August 03, 2009

MAC Love that Look mini Haul

I went to Orchard Tang to check out the Love That Look collection this(Sunday) afternoon ^___^ Luckily it still early afternoon so I wasn't caught in the heavy crowds, Orchard always have on weekends.

I planned to get Strike A pose, One Off, Rated R, Style Snob and Smoke + Diamonds(I choose these from the swatches I saw online) So when I start swatching away at the MAC store... I found that One Off was just a normal green(which I can easily find dupe of it)!

Actually, I didn't want to get Strike A pose... cos I have so many blue, teal and similar shade... but then the MUA have to say the magic word ::: last piece!!! Oboy, somethings in my brain just click and I cannot think clearly and I told her I want it =(

Anyway Smoke + Diamonds were sold out at Tang.... The MUA told me to try Raffles City (I was like... I can try Isetan right? Since it just across the street! lolx) and with good lucks... Scotts Isetan still have it ^___^ Yeah me!!!

I wanna say this is my last haul for August... but I have placed an order for the Sleek palette 2 days ago(still waiting for the invoice)... so Sleek would be my last! ^____^ heehee

I have been wanting to get Sleek palette since I read/watched about it on youtube and blogs.. but I donno where to get it... and all thanks to Sophia(retailtherapy) where she blogged about getting her thru a UK blogger(read about that entry here)... I checked out that blogshop and I love it! lolx ^___^