Tuesday, August 18, 2009

[LOTD] Different shades of Grey

Finally... (lolx).. have been wanting to do this signaturn look contest by retail_therapy.

My signature look are pretty boring... normal baby pink blush with grey/black/olive (kinda smokey) eye's do with no lips color! (Very normal, very wearable for day and night outing ^__^)


I look so weird and tired in this pic, (I only have like 2hrs sleep the night before! Yawn~)






Wore this look out on Sunday (our own little family outing ^__^)

Last time, I don't quite like to use bright colors, I just love black, grey, sliver and olive eyeshadows!!!

And I think around last yr(or the yr before??? Can't remember) I have been so crazy with blues and green eyeshadows... and when I can pull off those colors... I jump onto more brights colors... which is yellow and orange!!! (Orange are my love color for now!! lolx... keep trying to add orange into any of my eyes look! lolx

Anyway, I recreated my signature look using my new grey color from MAC Love that Look collection "Smoke and Diamonds"

On my Eyes:
MAC Paintpot (as overall base)
Bourjois clubbing black liner as lid base
MAC Smoke & Diamonds all over lid
02skin Enchantress single eyeshadow in MC2915 on inner corner
Loreal palette (Just using the white for brow highlight/blending color)
MAC Blacktrack- liner
Mascara: majolica majorca waterproof (blk)
Mascara: Fasio waterproof (blue)
Eyebrows: MAC brow shader in buttery/blonde taupe

Cheek:  MAC Honour and well-dressed
Face : EDM Sweet Almond foundation/Golden medium for control
To set the foundation, I use silica powder mix with a tiny bit of EDM mint concealer and tiny bit of EDM Ivory foundation 
And finally use MAC charged water

This O2skin eyeshadow have a really pretty sheen (pinkish golden sheen!!!)
It's very sheer... but when I lay it ontop of my black/grey shadow, it give a very nice sheen to it (I love it!)

Here are some of my not so old pics (I lazy to dig out my really really old pics....)

At project indentity event on July 12 july 2009
I add abit of MAC green-smoke in this look

On mother's day

ON my birthday last year (can't really see the color on my eyelids, lolx)

This was an old pic.. taken on 2006(I just paste it over from myspace! lolx)