Monday, August 10, 2009

Dr.Bronner's & Sun Dog's Magic Naked Organic Balm

Last week I bought the Organic balm $9.90 at Guardian.

This have another 2 more favours(can't remember) ... I think the other one would be peppermint.
This balm doesn't contain any paraben(which is very good ^__^)
To smoothes Dry/chapped skin hands/feet/elbows/anywhere
Protects and brightens new and old tattoos

Organic Jojoba oil, organic beewax, organic avocado oil, organic hemp oil and natural tocopherols

I have been using it almost everyday(when I go out to keep my chapped skin (I have a booboo (eczema) one of my fingers)...... hmm.. even thought it pretty oily, but it doesn't make fingers feel oily after applying(I like it) BUT it's doesn't provide much moisturizing for long hours!

Even though my chapped finger(skin) feel smooth where I apply the balm... but it doesn't last long. I have to keep reapplying like every 1 to 2 hrs (I once tried the MAC Naked Honey collection "Honey salve".... I applied a tiny amount (from the counter) and after a few hours... even after washing my hands a couples of times... my chapped skin still feel soft!

Hmm... maybe I should just get the Honey salve from MAC right?
But it cost S$40 (I know myself very well.. I will be lazy to apply anything after awhile! Lolx at my own 三分钟热度~)

Anyway... Dr.Bronner's & Sun DOg's Magic Naked Organic Balm, has a cute range of products and it pretty good for normal dry patches (for intense chapped skin... I don't recommend this ^__^)

Price: $9.90
Packaging: Slide open cover, cute, small and easy to carry around.
Products: Net Wt. 0.5oz(14g) A lot, can last for a long long time!