Monday, August 10, 2009

Consuming diary products causes or reduce acnes?

Afew months ago, I came across a post about consuming diary products. (And make me realise that actually it my hormones that are messing up! lolx)

I start to drink 2 or more glasses of milk everyday since last September, my mense come regularly, I feel more balance and my acnes fade away!
Since Dec 2007 to around Aug 2008... I have been feeling worse, my mense only come every 2-3 months (I feel so crappy at that time), acnes start popping out on both of my cheeks(huge and painful) and I have bad constipation(well it quite normal for female to have constipation, like clearing every 2 days instead of daily)....
Then I start to drink more milk cos I feel that I'm very unhealthy/malnutrition... so after drinking 2 or more glasses of milk each day for about 3 weeks... My face start to clear up(well at the same time I also changed all my facial care products to Biotherm), my mense come regularly and I cure my constipation too! (Yeah yeah yeah!)
So biotherm play a huge part in fading and stabilise my out of control outbreaks and redness (I never stop using biotherm ever! lolx) Before knowing about the milk play it part in fading acnes... I thought biotherm is a goodsend products! (Well.. I still think biotherm is good... but with the help of MILK!)
Anyway back to milk... I read that when you are malnutrition... you mense won't come regularly. (I have been doing research on it since my mense mess up!) So I double up my dose on milk (I used to only drink half to a glass of milk each day)... to see my body make any changes. And it did and I never feel so good about it! lolx (I also ask my bff to start drinking milk too! lolx)
Few months ago, vivawomen blog about consuming diary products will cause acnes on her... because milk contain hormones and iodine.. if your hormones have reduce or increases... it will make your face breakout badly especially around your cheeks areas!!! WOW! (Read more on her blog)
So... it really explain well on my conditions.. my hormones was low/mess up(that explain why my mense won't come) and I have massive outbreak on both of my cheeks!

I knew there are alot of ppls suffer from acnes... so please check out your dairy diet...
1)Do you drink milk regularly, eat alot of chocalate, cheese and tons of diary products?
(If you do... then you have to cut down your diary intake to reduces your acnes problems)

2)If you are like me... hardly eat or drink any diary products and you still suffer from acnes problems
(Then try to introduce milk in your diet... try it out at least for amonth.. if your acnes gone worse stop it, if not...if might start to work on you ^__^)

I still have tiny pimples/acnes once awhile.. but not as crazy as before ^__^ and I'm ok with it ^__^ (I hope my little experiences will help some of you!)

This is just a small part of trying to clear acnes... it works for me... but like vivawomen say... everybody have different conditions, it might or might not work out for you. ^__^