Monday, July 13, 2009

Tiny haul: MAC and Neutrogena


Today after setting up the booth at the Project Indentitly event at Toa Payoh.... I went to Orchard to check out the blushes ^___^
I loving all the colorcraft Mineralized Blushes... I already have my eyes on Improvise Mineralized Blush... but the Cheek & Cheerful was so pretty... (anyway it look abit like Margin... only abit lighter with shimmers) So I only got one and not more (have to control! lolx)

I also check out DFS... I really like the Honey Salve, but I not sure whether I wanna spend $40 on it... (I'm still thinking about it.. might get it.. who knows.. lolx).
Anyway I got the Brow Shader in Buttery/Blonde Taupe (consist a brow shade and a highlight)... the casing was so cute!!! lolx

After the event... I didn't shop around Toa Payoh... abit tired from all the standing, talking and hot weather!!!! Oh I also bought a sunscreen lotion that was well recommeded by nui er from "nu ren wo zui da" (女人我最大) magazine.
Oil free, non oily and sticky, light weight formula sun block. It's not only a good sunblock lotion.. it also prevent oxidized!!

Here's the page's overview from the magazine

Cllose up

Nui Er talked about 4 types of sun blocks for 4 different skin types.. if you interested in reading I can upload the full size pages.