Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tag:(that what you all like to call here): 20 questions

Yes, another meme!!!
I love doing meme cos it make me think more about myself
Let my friends knew more about me
And I tag my friends and I got to learn more about them ^__^

A 20 Questions meme::

1--Thing you cannot leave the house without ?
IPOD, cash, keys, tissue!!!!

2--Favorite Brand of makeup?
I love alot of brands... as long as it nice I love it...
If only have to pick one.. it would be M.A.C! ^__^

3--Favorite Flower ?
Calla Lily

4-- Fav clothing store?
I don't have a fave ^__

5--Favorite Perfume ?
I like perfume... but I don't wear it! lolx

6--Heels or flats ?

7--Do you make good grades ?
I believe I can.. if I want to ^__^

8--Favorite colors ?
Pink, red, babyblue and black(does this consider a color?)

9--Do you drink energy drinks ?
Not really... I don't like the taste! But if I sweat like fountain.. then I will go for 100plus.

10--Do you drink juice ?
Yes, I love strawberry kiwi mix juice, green apple celery mix juice and Pineapple juice

11--Do you like swimming ?
I LOVE swimming

12--Do you eat fries with a fork ?
If I had a fork ... YES ^__^

13--Favourite Moisturizer?
Biotherm Aquasource nonstop(green) and Biotherm Biopur SOS

14--Do you want to get married later on in life ?
Yes... of course

15--Do you get mad easily ?
Not really... I used to when I was little. Now I have more patience

16--Are you into Ghost Hunting ?
Yes, I'm so interested in ghost related stuff... if ppls ask me to a haunting house...
I'm ON! lolx

17-- Any phobias?
Spiders (need to say more?)

18--Do you bite your nails ?
I don't think I have a habit of biting my nails.. but I did caught myself biting it once awhile!

19--Have you ever had a near death experience?
Not really.. I have my ups and downs or nearly near death experiences.. but nothing scary! lolx

20--Do you drink coffee ?
Yes... coffee, latte love of my life (I love my coffee with fresh milk and no sugar ^__^ yum!)
I tag anyone who came across this entry ^___^

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