Sunday, July 26, 2009

My other collection!

Few days ago Diana blogged about her other collections...
which I think was a pretty cute post for you all to know the other sides of each other beside makeup!

SO this is my other collection!!! CDs
This is only part of my cds collection... cos the shelving was not big enough for all my on growing collection! I have a box of cds (box size about 1m by 0.5m by 0.5m) and some recently bought cds in my bedroom TV shelving (think about 30copies)

I start this collection around the november of 1995... I still remember my first ever CD by "Caught in the act"(A Germany band)! lolx.. I'm abit late in buying cd.. cos I only own a cd player in 1995 =Þ before I have cassette tapes(really old school right! lolx... I throw away most of it.. which I regret deeply as some already out of prints!)

If you ask me how many cds I have... I think I have around 800plus copies (if I'm not wrong.. I lost count since I move over to the home I'm staying now in 2005)

Beside... I also collection nail polish bottles, Korean Drama set(DVD/VCD), Strawberry item(from earrings/necklaces/display and ects)

SO... what are you other collections???