Thursday, July 30, 2009

mini haul and CHIC!

This evening I found out that Cold storage got sell CHIC magazine with free gift... and when I show it to my mum... she wants it! lolx
It's the older range of Revlon Crushed Velvet lipstick In 200 Racy Rouge shade.
My mum love it!!! Her fave shade!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought 3 copies for her! lolx

Do check out your nearby cold storage if you want the lipstick ^___^

I got my EDM long handle kabuki brush yesterday, washed and tried it just now!!!
I love it... I hate my old kabuki brush.. if become more and more pokey!

Garnier UV blocking lotion!

I have been using Garnier UV blocking lotion for more then 2 years now. I really love it... after trying so many other brands, I still prefer this! It's very moisturizing, give good sun block power and it make my skin look radiant!!!! And it cheap.. only $14.90 ^__^

Anyway, I have so many CHIC magazines lying around.. I was wondering what should I do with it... do you all want it? I can give it to you ^__^ The only downside is that you have to pay for the postage.. which is a $1, who knows.. I might add in some extra free gift for you ^__^