Monday, July 06, 2009

haul: MAC again

Yes... I went to MAC again... I tried to use the MAC in mode vouchers before it expire...

I got the blush that I have been wanting to get Margin and Star Violet eyeshadow

I planned to check out the colorcraft blushes(went vivo on Friday but the shipment was delay) and Raffles City Mac Store still don't have the collection yet!!!! Hai~
I give up!! So I just go ahead and got the blush that I have been wanting to get...(I just leave it to fate.. if I passes by any MAC store and have the colorcraft blushes and I happened to like it and they still have stock... I buy it then ^__^)
My sister pick the eyeshadow for me.. I like it too.. cos I want something that I think I will never use... like this redish violet shade ^___^

I notice that the MAC store at Raffles City have more work safe kinda shades.. they don't have much exciting, brighter, colorful and cute shades.... I was thinking about getting either something in yellow, hotpink or orange... lolx

OK.. think I gonna stop buying MAC or any eyeshadows for awhile.. I still have alot of new ones that I haven't try playing with yet!