Thursday, July 16, 2009

Collective hauls

I planned to do seperate entries on the stuff I got on Monday, Tues and Wednesday, but something crazy happened!! If you interested in knowing what happened... read it ->> here <<-

Anyway... On Monday.. I received 2 parcels (EDM samples and empty palette I got from a local blogger) and I bought some 02skins eyeshadows from the counter set up outside Bioskin. I wanna get their loose shimmering pigments... but end up getting eyeshadows instead!!
I know... I'm crazy, cos I have been complaining about their eyeshadows (I got 2 a couple months ago.. and the texture not creamy and it hard to blend)... then one of my friends told me her's are OK... hmm.... so since it's only $1.90... I'm giving it another chance =Þ

These are what I got on Monday

12 O2skins eyeshadows

empty palette from local blogger

EDM sample.. wanna try out their olive range!

Tuesday: I got a new eyelashes curler (cos my old one just pass away- RIP)
This curler have been a rave in Japan and it well recommended by Kevin(Taiwanese makeup artist)
A full range of Acnes facial products for my sis(no pic... cos she took it and using it already! lolx)

Today went to Orchard with my bff to pay for the Rimmels workshop and do some shopping ^__^
Planned to check out MAC Naked Honey at DFS and buy presents for our bff , but it was so late when we reach Orchard... so we only shopped at O2skins(bff first time trying their eyeshadows) and a nails store on 3rd floor(or 4th??) . And by the time we finishing our purchases... almost all the stores were closing... lolx... we gonna find another day for present hunting ^__^

I got these today

O2skins eyeshadows

Very beautiful dark shimmering navy blue (Member 40% off.. only $9.54)

2 DNC nail polishs for S$16 (S$8.90each), nail art brush S$5.90, empty air-pump bottle for nail polish removal S$4.90 Glitters 2 for S$10 (S$5.90each)

I haven't use any of above O2Skins eyeshadow yet.. so I didn't know how well it works...
But it look so pretty putting all the shadows together! lolx

OK... think I'm gonna stop buying more eyeshadows and makeup for now (got too many waiting for me to try it out).
Unless when I NEED new ones... or the latest MAC collections (Style Black and Makeup Art cosmetic collections in Sept and Oct) =Þ