Thursday, July 30, 2009

mini haul and CHIC!

This evening I found out that Cold storage got sell CHIC magazine with free gift... and when I show it to my mum... she wants it! lolx
It's the older range of Revlon Crushed Velvet lipstick In 200 Racy Rouge shade.
My mum love it!!! Her fave shade!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought 3 copies for her! lolx

Do check out your nearby cold storage if you want the lipstick ^___^

I got my EDM long handle kabuki brush yesterday, washed and tried it just now!!!
I love it... I hate my old kabuki brush.. if become more and more pokey!

Garnier UV blocking lotion!

I have been using Garnier UV blocking lotion for more then 2 years now. I really love it... after trying so many other brands, I still prefer this! It's very moisturizing, give good sun block power and it make my skin look radiant!!!! And it cheap.. only $14.90 ^__^

Anyway, I have so many CHIC magazines lying around.. I was wondering what should I do with it... do you all want it? I can give it to you ^__^ The only downside is that you have to pay for the postage.. which is a $1, who knows.. I might add in some extra free gift for you ^__^

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tag: Regret?

Me and many of the onsugar babes were being tagged by FacesBySarah with an interesting and intense question!!!

Qn:Have you ever had any regrets in your life?

My Answer:
If you ask me this question before... I would say I hardly have any big regrets in my life... only tiny one like..
- I should do that instead of that...
-I should buy that... now I can't get it
-I should be with my family instead of going out with my friends and ects...
The most biggest one was... back in 1994... We all took a couple weeks off from school to stay at my grandma's home.. cos the doctor say she will be gone anytime now.... so after being off from school like 2 weeks.. I see my grandma doing pretty well.. so I told my dad that I want to go to school.... After school that day, I went home with my sister first to change before heading over to my grandma's.But I received a call from my younger sister that my grandma just pass away... "tears" .... Omy, I should just stay instead of going to school!!!
Until now I still regrets that....

And last month, my precious doggies MOMO pass away... and I regrets that I never carry him to sleep even when he want to hide under the bed... I just let him and when I see him cried and then stop breathing, my heart breaks!!! It so painful to even think about it now. I keep going thru over and over the time when he's still alive and I see no sign of him leaving me so soon...

Before he die... he start to cry every nights... we all thought he was having toothaches or somethings... cos he still play, eat and runs about with my other doggies... don't look sick to me...
But the night before he pass away.. he start to cry even more painfully, so I bring him to see doctor... doing whole body blood test and eveythings and the doctor say he very healthy.. so doctor just gave him antibiotic to clear away infection caused by his teeth before doing dental cleaning 10days later (we booked the appointment too), even the vet didn't see death coming! Hai~

I having too many regrets with momo... I should took more videos of him running about, his barking sound and all the stupid stuff he will be doing!

It's kinda like family and friends... you thought that they will always be there and you keep saying.. OK I will do that tomorrow.... and that tomorrow never come until they're gone!!! (So do whatever you want to do fast, don't wait... you might lost the chance of doing it and adding more regrets to your life!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My other collection!

Few days ago Diana blogged about her other collections...
which I think was a pretty cute post for you all to know the other sides of each other beside makeup!

SO this is my other collection!!! CDs
This is only part of my cds collection... cos the shelving was not big enough for all my on growing collection! I have a box of cds (box size about 1m by 0.5m by 0.5m) and some recently bought cds in my bedroom TV shelving (think about 30copies)

I start this collection around the november of 1995... I still remember my first ever CD by "Caught in the act"(A Germany band)! lolx.. I'm abit late in buying cd.. cos I only own a cd player in 1995 =Þ before I have cassette tapes(really old school right! lolx... I throw away most of it.. which I regret deeply as some already out of prints!)

If you ask me how many cds I have... I think I have around 800plus copies (if I'm not wrong.. I lost count since I move over to the home I'm staying now in 2005)

Beside... I also collection nail polish bottles, Korean Drama set(DVD/VCD), Strawberry item(from earrings/necklaces/display and ects)

SO... what are you other collections???

Saturday, July 25, 2009

MAC: Love that look Collection

All about eyeshadows.... Releasing date of the collection
30 Jul 2009 (Official date TBD) [US/Canada]
Aug 2009 [international]

Eye Shadows: (All LE, all Starflash formula) $14.00USD/$17.50CAD
Grand Entrance - Frosty neutral peach beige (Repromote from Starflash)
Dreamaker - Frosty yellow gold (Repromote from Starflash)
Smoke & Diamonds - Frosty gray taupe (Repromote from Starflash)
Glamour Check! - Frosy reddish brown (Repromote from Starflash)
Strike A Pose - Dirty deep blue green
Ego - Light yellow pink
Fashion Groupie - Light blue violet
Unbasic White - Bright off white
One-Off - Mid-tone green with silver pearlized pigments
Rated R - Bright, yellow green
Style Snob - Dirty pink brown with gold pearlized pigments
Fashion - Light gray-green with gold pearlized pigments

All pics and informations taken from specktra and temptalia

Man... all these colors are so pretty!!!
- Strike A pose(nice color with a chic name!)
- One Off
- Rated R
- Style Snob
- Smoke + Diamonds
I love these 5 shades.. but not sure whether I will be getting all.. have to do swatches first! lolz
Anyway... what colors are you getting??? Share with me! ^________^

I did promise myself not to purchase anymore eyeshadows... BUT.... these are so hard to PASS!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Latest Promotion for the "CHIC" launch at Books Kinokuniya SG

Starting from this Thursday(23 July 2009), Kino would be giving away Fasio Cool Powder sheets
(Latest product by Fasio!).


Head know to any local Kinokuniya if you haven't bought this magazine!! (I'm going to pass since I already have the magazine... I have so many extra copies... and I'm not a fan of blotting papers.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Swatches :: CCUK trio palette

Pic abit blurry (I will try to do another swatches in daytime and add on here)

I took these pics afew weeks ago.. and I totally forgot about it! Found these pics when I was clearing my harddisk...
I love the orange color!!! I will try to do EOTD with this palette soon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

CHIC Bourjois free gift at Kino!!!

The launch of the new magazine CHIC @ Kinokuniya will come with a free gift for their faithful customers of Books Kinokuniya

The first free gift would be a full size Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara(worth $22) in 5 shades (SOLD OUT)
Followed by the Bourjois Ombre Stretch Eyeshadow in either brown or white (worth S$22)
And when the eye shadow sold out they will give away full size lipstick by Bourjois in 4 shades to choose... which would be starting on Sunday! (Whilst stocks last. Terms & Conditions apply)

Tomorrow I will be going down to Orchard around evening time... I hope I still can get the eyeshadows (Cos I don't use lipstick) but I think my mum would be happy get it! lolx (source from)

Good Lucks everyone ^__^

Saturday, July 18, 2009

LOTD: Purples + Swatches

My 2nd part of doing the Japanese Eyes look ^__^
I'm using all purples, except black liners and white highlight

Products I used on eyes
Painterly Paintpot as base
Blacktrack Fluidline as liner (a thin link on top of MC2949 to make your lashes look full)
O2skin Enchantress eye shadow MC2927(pale lavender) :: On the lids and then use this to blend up to the crease
O2skin Enchantress eye shadow MC2923(violet) :: Put this near the eye lashes from outer corner to the middle of the eyelid and up to my double eyelid)
O2skin Enchantress eye shadow MC2949 (deep purple) :: this shade look so much alike to MAC virbant grape
Loreal Palette white color (I use the frosty white as highlight)
Mac Brow Shader for eyebrows
Fasio Mascara (both are waterproof) blue and black blue shades

On my cheek
MAC: Margin on cheekbones
MAC: Honour highlight
EDM Soft Touch on apple of my cheek

I do remember to take a pic of my eyes closed ^__^V

Swatches for the 3 purples I used:

First issue of Chic Magazine!

I went to kino today and bought the first issue of Chic magazine (SD$2.80)! Which come with a free retail size Bourjois Volume Clubbing mascara worth $22 ... What a steal right??
It got 5 shades... but when I got there just now... it only left 3 copies all the same shade =( I was planning to get all the shades! Hai~

Pardon peapea he rubbing his back when I was taking the pic of the magazine! cute >.<~

Here are some more shoot of peapea in action! lolx

I read that after the mascara premium is finished, Kino will be giving away a Bourjous Eye Shadow free with each issue. WOW... nice~ lolx

Friday, July 17, 2009

swatches:: O2Skin eyeshadows Part 1

Here are some of the swatches

What do we call this shade? mauve/maroon??? Anyway this is a matte shadow

I so loving the greyish dark blue shade (here's the more closeup one)

A nice highlight blue

These two are the very first I got... hard to blend but have very beaitful sheen
Dark Grey and Blue with green golden sheen


LOTD: blues

Today, I played around with the blues eyeshadows by O2Skin.
I use 3 blues from the Enchantress eye shadow collection.
Trying to do the Japanese eye look.. very sheer eyelids color (normally with pink, blue and purple) with thick and layers of liners.
This is the whole look

Products I use on eyes::
Painterly Paintpot as base
Blacktrack Fluidline as liner (a thin link on top of MC2946 to make your lashes look full)
O2skin Enchantress eye shadow MC2937(pale blue) :: On the lids and then use this to blend up to the crease
Skin this step If the space between your eyelid and eyebrow are limited
O2skin Enchantress eye shadow MC29017(light blue) :: Put this near the eye lashes from outer corner to the middle of the eyelid
O2skin Enchantress eye shadow MC2946 (Grey Navy blue) : this is a very beautiful color (I use it as liner)
Loreal Palette white color (I use the frosty white as highlight)
Mac Brow Shader for eyebrows
Fasio Mascara (both are waterproof) blue and black blue shades

Products I use on my face::
Normal Facial routine
toner :Biotherm BioPur SOS Lotion exfoliante
eyecream:: The BodyShop WiseWomen Eyecream
Moisturizer :: Biotherm Biopur SOS moisturizer
Clinique Pore minimizer refining serum Sunblock and base
Sunblock :: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer complete UV waterlight lotion SPF50+ PA+++
Sana Pore Patty makeup base "Clear" (I love this... it minimize my pores and give me a matte finishing)
Benefit Boi~ing eye concealer on undereyes
EDM concealer and foundation
Cheek : Improvise by MAC
Silica loose powder and MAC charged Water to set face.
No lip color ^__^

Aiyo.... Forgot to take a pic of my eyes closed ... FAIL

I have alot of ideas on different colors... but I always end up with blues (guess I'm just loving blue colors so much! lolx)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Collective hauls

I planned to do seperate entries on the stuff I got on Monday, Tues and Wednesday, but something crazy happened!! If you interested in knowing what happened... read it ->> here <<-

Anyway... On Monday.. I received 2 parcels (EDM samples and empty palette I got from a local blogger) and I bought some 02skins eyeshadows from the counter set up outside Bioskin. I wanna get their loose shimmering pigments... but end up getting eyeshadows instead!!
I know... I'm crazy, cos I have been complaining about their eyeshadows (I got 2 a couple months ago.. and the texture not creamy and it hard to blend)... then one of my friends told me her's are OK... hmm.... so since it's only $1.90... I'm giving it another chance =Þ

These are what I got on Monday

12 O2skins eyeshadows

empty palette from local blogger

EDM sample.. wanna try out their olive range!

Tuesday: I got a new eyelashes curler (cos my old one just pass away- RIP)
This curler have been a rave in Japan and it well recommended by Kevin(Taiwanese makeup artist)
A full range of Acnes facial products for my sis(no pic... cos she took it and using it already! lolx)

Today went to Orchard with my bff to pay for the Rimmels workshop and do some shopping ^__^
Planned to check out MAC Naked Honey at DFS and buy presents for our bff , but it was so late when we reach Orchard... so we only shopped at O2skins(bff first time trying their eyeshadows) and a nails store on 3rd floor(or 4th??) . And by the time we finishing our purchases... almost all the stores were closing... lolx... we gonna find another day for present hunting ^__^

I got these today

O2skins eyeshadows

Very beautiful dark shimmering navy blue (Member 40% off.. only $9.54)

2 DNC nail polishs for S$16 (S$8.90each), nail art brush S$5.90, empty air-pump bottle for nail polish removal S$4.90 Glitters 2 for S$10 (S$5.90each)

I haven't use any of above O2Skins eyeshadow yet.. so I didn't know how well it works...
But it look so pretty putting all the shadows together! lolx

OK... think I'm gonna stop buying more eyeshadows and makeup for now (got too many waiting for me to try it out).
Unless when I NEED new ones... or the latest MAC collections (Style Black and Makeup Art cosmetic collections in Sept and Oct) =Þ

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MAC upcoming collections :: Style Black, Makeup Art Cosmetics and DSquared²

The Fall collections by MAC are so pretty!!!! I really like these 2 Style Black and Makeup Art cosmetics
So loving the colors ranges (I'm a eyeshadow junkies... so I never really focus on other products rather then eyeshadows! lolx)

Makeup Art Cosmetic collection
U.S. Launch Date: August 20th, 2009
International Launch Date: September 2009

Think I gonna be so poor after this collection!!!!!!
Their single eyeshadows all look so pretty... Off the Page,Haunting and Violet trance so pretty!!!! (ooh... I want!!!!)
Crest the Wave Rich yellow (Frost) (Repromote) (Limited Edition)
Off the Page Mid-tone mustard orange (Frost) (Limited Edition)
Haunting Light turquoise blue (Satin) (Repromote) (Limited Edition)
Violet Trance Deep blue purple (Matte) (Repromote) (Limited Edition)
Purple Shower Mid-tone magenta with silver pearl (Satin) (Repromote) (Limited Edition)
Maira’s Magic Yellow pink (Satin) (Limited Edition)

Style Black Collection
U.S. Launch Date: September 24th, 2009
International Launch Date: October 2009

Cinderfella Black with silver pearl (Limited Edition)
Young Punk Black with pink purple pearl (Limited Edition)
Gilt by Association Black with gold bronze pearl (Limited Edition)
Blue Flame Black with blue pearl (Limited Edition)

I so loving all except Cinderfella cos it very easy to dupe this shade.
The black cream colorbase... oooh... nice (I believe this belong to the pro range right??)

MAC DSquared² Collection
U.S. Launch Date: October 12th, 2009
International Launch Date: November 2009

I'm not so into this collection... lolx
But the Sculpt and Shape Powder Duos look pretty interesting... I don't do contour on my face (cos I tried it before.. and it look so weird~)wahahahah maybe I'm not good at contouring.. I do more on highlighting! lolx

All pics taken from makeup stash