Thursday, June 25, 2009

MAC:: Graphic Gardens and ColorCraft collections

Oh boy... both came almost around the same time!!!!!!!!!
I heard the Graphic Gardens was in Singapore... I was so eyeing their palettes.. especially Graphic Gardens palette (I love blues/green/teal kind of shades.)

Swatches I got off from specktra

Check out the whole collection pics at specktra

I need to check out the collection soon... and the time I will be around central area(where all the MAC store located) would be this saturday! I will check it out after the MAC workshop...
As for the S$50 Mac redeemable from the workshop... is it only can be use at the MAC store at Raffles City???)

Got the Tang mailer... Colorcraft would be available exclusively at Tang beauty hall from 26 June till 2 july

Pretty... but I donno whether I will get any eyeshadow from this collection....
I don't really like eyeshadows that was baked together... it get messy sometimes.... hahahhaa

I need to swatch it first... if it nice.. I might be getting this one... I think (but I try not to...)

I was eyeing on their blushes and MSF!!! Yummy~
Improvise Mineralized Blush... I wonder would it be as pretty shade as in the pic

Fabdabulous Mineralized Blush

Triple Fusion MSF

Check out the other products from the collection at specktra and here too

I think I will just get a blush and MSF(from colorcraft collection)
1 graphic Gardens palette (from Graphic Gardens Collection)
Trying to limit my buying... to as little as possible cos I knew I can't finish all the products in their lifespan!!!!!!