Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Expo on Sunday

Sunday 28 June 2009

Went to Expo for the asian food fair and Robinson sales(heard their beauty products are up to 50% off... ooh)
Not much stuff left... guess all the goodie were being grabs from the first day of the sales!!!
OH and I got the LA Colors and CCUK at this branded sales event on 2nd floor.

Here's what I got at the event ^__^
The 2 lipsticks are for my mam

Stila was having up to 80% off!!!!
CCUK trio eyeshadows

LA COLORS- they only have these 6 palettes.. so I got them all! lolx
The shades are too pretty to resist!!!! And it super pigmented!!
I love intense colors and the shadow itself were very silky!

YSL cleansing oil... cheap too!!!

That's my peapea head!

OK here the price of each item I got::
LA Palette $7 each
CCUK palette 2 for $8
Lipstick(forgot what brand) 2 for $5
Stila single refill E/S $4
Stila duo refil E/S $6
YSL cleansing oil $25