Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nails:: Midnight blue with a touch of silver

What I use
- Etude House, deep blue (#42) (S$7.50)
- Castledew Silver (9721) ($12.90) for the zebra print
- Base coat(Revlon multi care base+top coat)

I love this combination so much... it like a little christmas present hahahhaa...
but too bad... Etude House Nail Polish stain the hell out of my nails!!
Need to get a UV base coat to prevent future damage if I'm using the nail polish again!

Found a good dupe for the Etude House Deep blue nail polish... try faceshop.. they have similar shade and it only $2.50 (before GSS/member discount)

Expo on Sunday

Sunday 28 June 2009

Went to Expo for the asian food fair and Robinson sales(heard their beauty products are up to 50% off... ooh)
Not much stuff left... guess all the goodie were being grabs from the first day of the sales!!!
OH and I got the LA Colors and CCUK at this branded sales event on 2nd floor.

Here's what I got at the event ^__^
The 2 lipsticks are for my mam

Stila was having up to 80% off!!!!
CCUK trio eyeshadows

LA COLORS- they only have these 6 palettes.. so I got them all! lolx
The shades are too pretty to resist!!!! And it super pigmented!!
I love intense colors and the shadow itself were very silky!

YSL cleansing oil... cheap too!!!

That's my peapea head!

OK here the price of each item I got::
LA Palette $7 each
CCUK palette 2 for $8
Lipstick(forgot what brand) 2 for $5
Stila single refill E/S $4
Stila duo refil E/S $6
YSL cleansing oil $25

MAC In Mode WorkShop

Saturday 27 June 2009

Location:: INK Club Bar(Fairmont hotel)
Time: 11am to 1pm

I reach there around 11.10am.. they haven't start yet(luckily)... I see some empty tables... so I'm not the last one to register/reached!! lolx

OOh I have fun.... each table have 2 sets of brushes and tons of products to try around! When Makeup artist was showing us the latest trend on fashion Makeups... we can play around with the makeup, either follow what he do or you just play around... lolx

Anyway... MUA teaches the basic makeup techniques (yes very basic one... no new or special techniques.. I was hopefully for somethings new! lolx).. it's still fun!!

Time passes by really fast!! Have a good time! I will be joining it again if there's another one coming ^__^

It's really worth it... the free Kit is somethings that's worth going to.. I love surprises!! lolx

The In Mode kit consist of a brush/bottle kind of tube case(very nice), travel size Fix+ , oil cleanser, 4 face charts(that we go thru in the workshop), a pencil and a face chart note pad (I love this!!) and a $50 voucher for MAC products at Raffles City MAC store.

After the Workshop check out the MAC counter at Raffles City with Phoebe... I donno what I wanna get so we left... I still got amonth time before the voucher expire.
After we go our seperate ways.. I meet up with my family ^__^ and I'm doing some haul...

At Etude House Purchasing above $50 entitle for free lifetime membership
What a cute card!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

MAC:: Graphic Gardens and ColorCraft collections

Oh boy... both came almost around the same time!!!!!!!!!
I heard the Graphic Gardens was in Singapore... I was so eyeing their palettes.. especially Graphic Gardens palette (I love blues/green/teal kind of shades.)

Swatches I got off from specktra

Check out the whole collection pics at specktra

I need to check out the collection soon... and the time I will be around central area(where all the MAC store located) would be this saturday! I will check it out after the MAC workshop...
As for the S$50 Mac redeemable from the workshop... is it only can be use at the MAC store at Raffles City???)

Got the Tang mailer... Colorcraft would be available exclusively at Tang beauty hall from 26 June till 2 july

Pretty... but I donno whether I will get any eyeshadow from this collection....
I don't really like eyeshadows that was baked together... it get messy sometimes.... hahahhaa

I need to swatch it first... if it nice.. I might be getting this one... I think (but I try not to...)

I was eyeing on their blushes and MSF!!! Yummy~
Improvise Mineralized Blush... I wonder would it be as pretty shade as in the pic

Fabdabulous Mineralized Blush

Triple Fusion MSF

Check out the other products from the collection at specktra and here too

I think I will just get a blush and MSF(from colorcraft collection)
1 graphic Gardens palette (from Graphic Gardens Collection)
Trying to limit my buying... to as little as possible cos I knew I can't finish all the products in their lifespan!!!!!!

The FaceShop and Stage Haul

Yesterday, meet up with my gf for a short rest and relax shopping trip
I plan to get a blush(for my mama) and a pink nail polish(from canmake) didn't want to spend much cos I already spend way too much for this month!!(way way way too much!!!!)

But when I was at Etude House @ Plaza(while my gf was checking out the nail polishes) and I help myself too.. lolx In the end I got 3!!
- Petit Darling Nails in PP903 (lavender shade) S$2.50
- Petit Darling Nails in BL501 (pastel babyblue shade) S$2.50
- Mini Heel Pedicure 03 (A black shimmering shade) S$5.90

Don't ask me the different.... cos where I see they are same size, same texture, same bottle.. the only different is the top cover which is in dark taupe color... where the Petit one is in pink color. (You tell me the different, lolx)
And they gave me 2 packs of Aqua Sherbet Gel Cream (Which I just use the whole pack as a mask, I need SOS.. my face have been too dry for sleeping with AC on for the past week... damn weather)

@ Bugis Stage.. we check out their products.. In the end gf and me walk out with an eye linerl!! It's water and smudge proof... really.. I have swatches all over the back of my hand.. and I keep rubbing it and the color stay there perfectly not even a tiny smudge!!!!!!!
I bought the 07 Teal Theater (sorry the flash wash off the color.. should be abit darker)

Finally Bought the pink canmake nail polish at watson S$7 (after 20% S$5.60)

Walk across to the faceshop.. yet.. I was lure in by their nail polish collection and amazing promotion
20% + 5%(member additional discount)
I walk out with 3 more where my bff got 2 more nail polishs!
- nail color in PK101 (champagne pink) $2.50 (after discount S$2.20)
- nail color in BL601 (Bubblegum blue with glitters) $2.50 (after discount S$2.20)
-nail color in OR201 (Peach) $7.90 (after discount S$6)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nails:: Orange and Deep Navy Blue

Products I used::
Base coat(Revlon multi care base+top coat)
3 coats of Canmake Orange Glitters nail polish(84) (S$7)
Etude House, deep blue (#42) (S$7.50) for the "net" print

I'm going to check out some bubblegum pink nail polishs tomorrow (canmake/Etude House)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Nails:: Yellow and dark purple

Products I used::
Base coat(Revlon multi care base+top coat) (can't remember the price.. think it's around $10.90)
3 coats of Canmake Yellow Glitters nail polish(85) (S$7)
Skinfood Nail Vita in deep purple (VI407) (S$5.50) for the "net" print

Loving canmake nail polishs... the color are so yummy!!!
Skinfood having the best dark purple shade ^__^
I wore this for a week and it still look fresh with no chips ^__^

Sunday, June 21, 2009

About Me - Tag

I saw this meme that have been passing around LJ/ONSUGAR/blogger for sometimes already... so since I love meme so much... I'm doing it... (this is copy over from my LJ)
Snap a picture of yourself right there and then no primping/prepping is allowed
Pic abit dark.. well that how my room are now! lolx

What is your current obsession?
Nails art (Konad are wonderful!!)

What is your weirdest obsession?
I donno.. lol...

What is your favourite comfort food?
I like steak... medium rare!! Yummy!!!

What would make today special?
Momo coming back to life (I know it would be creepy.. but I don't care)
OK ok... something normal and not supernatual:::
someone came home giving me a surprise gift, like makeup or nail polishs! lol
I love surprises, but sadly no one ever do that to me =(

What would you like to learn to do?
Hmm... have been thinking about learning charcoal art. (Ask aiyaa before and she say if it not expensive she will join with me ^__^)

What's the last thing you bought?
2 cds (Eric Martin and Jones Brothers) and a nail polish (black blue shade)

What are you listening to right now?
Eric Martin's Time after Time

What is your favourite weather?
cool weather (since we hardly have any in Singapore except at night sometimes)

What is your most challenging goal right now?
Re-doing www.drsaru.com (it will be closed for touchup/refreshing soon) waiting for Aiyaa to come out with new color layout.

If you could swap lives with anyone for one day, who would it be and why?
Hmm... interesting... someone famous I guess.. so that I can experiences what they are going thru. (Britney Spears for now.. cos she's doing a tour in Europe soon.. I wanna feel the excitment of being on stage and I can be at Europe! lolx)

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where will you go?
Europe or Taiwan

Which language would you like to learn?
Japanese and Korean

What do you look for in a friend?
I don't look for anything.. as long as we can click.. you are my friend ^__^

Who would you want to meet in person?
Hmmm... Jensen... Oh you sexy little thing!

If you had $100 now, what would you spend on?

Makeup! hahaha... from my last post, I mention that I have a sudden urge of having a makeup haul!!(so if I suddenly have a $100... I will spent it! lolx)

Favourite Designer?
Don't have any fave... as long as the clothing is pretty, I'll love it.

Do you admire's anyone style?
I love anybody who dress up nice and pretty ^__^

What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
Chocalate and coffee

What is your favourite makeup brand?
M.A.C (I think... so far their frost and matte eyeshadows are the best that I came across)
Biotherm as facial care.

What makeup do you use alot?
Minerial foundation/MAC blushes/eyeshadow/fasio waterproof mascara (I always do those when I go out)

People you would like to tag
Anyone who came across this page.. remember to leave a comment.. so that I can check it out ^__^

Till then

My first entry

HI everyone,
This will be my first post 

I have a random blog under Livejournal blogger for as long as I can remember (l I LOVE TO BLOG), it's just a super random blog. I blog about everythings in livejoural:: my family, my doggies and friends... ects

I used to have 3 doggies, momo, peapea and buibui(I call them MPB)
But, recently on 10 June 2009, momo pass away due to old age! :(

Anyway, becos of losing momo.. I decided to do something different with my life!
Yes, and that was starting a blog on beauty (makeup and skincares). hope it won't get boring.. lolx