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My name is Chantana and I have a blog that I talks about beauty related stuff - makeup, cosmetics, skincares, reviews and ects. 

I love makeup (cosmetics)... play with them makes me happy, applying makeup is kinda therapeutic for me. I also really like trying out skincare (mostly hydrating range)... I like making my skin look younger, radiance and stronger (weak skin lead to all kind of sensitivity, irritation and itchiness!

I have a lot of skin issues... sensitive skin, eczema condition and on 2014 July... I have allergy reaction on a certain fruit... since then.... my skin wasn't like before anymore.. I have to be careful on the stuff I use.. the steps I wash my face and also my diet.

I haven't eat any seafoods (except some fish) since March 2014 and stop all kinds of nuts when I have the allergy back in Aug 2014... so now... I totally cut out seafoods (I still eat fish.. good fishes) and nuts.

I used to blog on everbluec.onsugar.com and only shifted over to blogger and mask it over with my domain (everbluec.com) on March 2013.

I have this domain for almost 3 years and it always just parked around linking both onsugar and random blog together (which I hardly ever use!) So I guess this is a good time to used the domain right? (Since I already paying for it! Don't waste money!)

From time to time, I do blog about dog's beauty products.
I love them and they are my models/plots in my little blog space (mostly on make up look entries "LOTD").. .so their beauty is my concern, because it may effect my skin condition in some ways also.

Oh and of out the blue, I will pop out with stuff that totally NOT related to "beauty" I do that out of fun and also a way to say Thank you to friends and PR companies who extend their warm invitation to me without having a blog post in return

Well, most of the time, I will post non-beauty related stuff on my random blog at everbluecrandom.blogspot.com (I blog outing, foods, movies reviews there.. do pop over to check it out if you like these type of random reads)

Here's a little details about me ^_^
[From young to September 2011]
I have combination oily skin (oily on T-zone with patchy dry cheeks). I have acne scarring, and every once awhile I have break-out on my cheeks due to humid weather(Inflammation skin condition due to warm and humid weathers). Pretty sensitive Skin (redness upper cheeks when I'm not wearing makeup)

[Updated on 2012]
I have combination dry skin now.
My skin was going thru a "dry" phase sometimes last year.. it become so tight, dry and painful. I used Belif/Elizebeth arden (for dry/mature skin) and it helps alot!!
It changes from dry to normal and now I'm stuck with dry combination skin for months now.
Skin feel normal, sometimes abit dry(but without the tight and painful feeling) and nose still oil up abit.

[Update on 2015]
After skin allergy (super dry and itchy skin with swollen eyes) around August 2014... my skin has never been the same.. it's still feels like combination skin... a little bit oily around the t-zone (still have tiny oil spot.. inflammation from time to time)... feel dry and skin get irritated easily... itchiness around the philtrum... everything still feels the same except my skin has become weaker as compare to before.

On combination oily skin...
I love love love skincares... especially Hydrating/Moisturizing range! And I prefer my skin toner lotion to be watery, refreshing and soothing type (those sticky type like Hada labo(or most Japanese lotion).. are abit hard to absorb when the weathers get really humid.)

On combination dry skin...
I still very much in love with using hydrating/moisturizing products... but I prefer it to be creamy instead of those refreshing gel cream moisturizer. As for toner, No changes on that, still prefer soothing, refreshing type.

I'm always searching for products that can ...
Minimize my giant pores
Reduce black/white head on my nose and chin
Reduce Pigmentation
Soothing skincare for my sensitive skin

My hair:
Heavy, straight and abit wavy on the hair tips.
Super oily and sensitive scalp! (I love good oil-control and Organic shampoo.. cos my scalps tend to feel pain and irritated every once awhile.
MY hair was pretty hydrated.. so I don't use so much of hair serum, masks or conditional(Just shampoo only)

Love eyeshadows and doing eye's makeup.
Fave eyeshadow's colors: Green, Blues, bronze and Orange
Fave Blush: Nude, peachy, coral, orange and bronze blushes (I like pink too.. but I always reach for peachy/orange blush)
Love using brow mascaras. If you know any good and cheap brand.. recommend me(email/PM/Comment at any entries) I would LOVE to try it! lolx

I hardly use concealer to conceal my scarrings or blemishes. Only use concealer for my undereye's dark circles(which is purplish type) Love peach/orange corrector.
Still looking for the perfect creamy concealer.

Used to love mineral loose powder foundation (Everyday mineral foundation in Light Almond shade).
Now(2011), I'm totally crazy with liquid foundation!!!!!
Prefer lightweight, dewy finishing and blendable creamy texture.

My shade:
Lancome Teint Miracle in B0-01 (sadly they don't have the PO-1 in Singapore)
Clarins Teint Haute Tenue: Everlasting Foundation in 101 Alabaster
Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Foundation in PO1 (Love the foundation shade!)
I love bbcream too! Especially Skin79 Oriental BBcream!

My eye lashes:
Very asian! Stubborn, oily and very straight! (Curl don't stay long.. so I always need a good volume/curl mascara base with a strong waterproof mascara)
Prefer waterproof and volume mascaras.

I have dry lips (Love using hydrating lip balm)

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I wanna give a warm shoutout to the brands who showered me with loves <3
(Thanks for trusting my opinions/review/blog and provided me with your wondering products)