My Little Pony X Colourpop eyeshadow Palette (Swatches)

Finally, cropped and uploaded these pictures (last palettes from the Colourpop haul I did months ago :P ) of My Little Pony X Colourpop eyeshadow Palette!

Such a cute little palette right?

The shades in this palette doesn't look too kiddy... I means very pastel nor too pale~ very wearable shades~

close-up shots of the palette in different lighting~


First (top row)

2nd row from the top~

3rd row (bottom)

I love the middle 2 shades on the first row (So coppery, frosty and pretty~)

All the shades in the middle (2nd row) <3 <3 <3

The black, silver and frosty white from the bottom (3rd row) was pretty normal... nothing too unique
(I have similar shades from the ### of palettes in my collection~)

I think I'm addicted to colourpop eyeshadows... I want MORE!
These eyeshadows blend beautifully and fun to use ~ reasonable pricing too!!!

My Little Pony X Colourpop eyeshadow Palette
Price : USD$16

Available at colourpop website

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