Review : DCS Nutriderm Ultra nutrition Night Cream and Ampoule

I have to admit I use A LOT of moisturizer (mostly using cream version these days) and I usually finished up a jar within 4 - 6 weeks... and serum usually last much longer. But lately, my skin have been so dry that NEED to use a lot of serum/essence and I just finished a bottle of this DCS Nutriderm Ultra nutrition ampoule in 4 weeks!!!!!

I hope this kinda helps to explain why I have "review" post on skincare like every 2 months. I like trying different type of moisturizer as long as it's fall under the range/series that I know my skin will feel comfortable with. I always have to think twice before trying whitening stuff (I'm not a fan of whitening products except whitening sun protection or base products)...

Anyway, I already start using new skincare for about a week now and before I forgot how I feels about the DCS Nutriderm Ultra nutrition Night Cream and Ampoule... I have to blog about it!

If you have no idea about the brand DCS... you can click here to read the introduction post on DCS (DSC is a Korean brand)

DCS Nutriderm Ultra nutrition Ampoule
Price : S$50+ (I will check again~)

A premium resilience ampoule that will helps to strengthen the energy of skin - this is something my skin need... ever since after my allergy episode... my skin is quite weak and sensitive... I need to build-up and strengthening my poor skin.

Personally, I find when I use balancing/rejuvenate/strengthening products... my skin don't get itchy or red easily.

Ingredients list of the DCS Nutriderm Ultra nutrition Ampoule

The ampoule came in a drip drop bottle/applicator

This feels like a serum to me.. the thicker version (not watery type) ... does feel a little bit slimy and sticky.... you almost feels like you don't need to apply moisturizer after this.. but YOU have to finish off your skincare routine with moisturizer (always)!!!!!

This ampoule does wonder.. when I first use it, I don't find that this feel like an ampoule... doesn't have the immediate or overnight effect.. but I enjoy the extra boost of thickness/moisturizing effect to be use with the cream.

I like creamy, sticky or thicker consistency products because my skin (due to aging + super sensitive + sleeping in air-con bedroom) is quite dry and tight (luckily they are not dehydrated cos I don't have flakey skin!)

So after using this bad boy for more then 2 weeks... I noticed that my skin look plumper (not fat hor.. I wanna say NOT sagging la) and the skin texture look smoother too!!!

It does work!! Most anti-aging products that I have tried just kinda keep skin looking hydrated and created the illusion of having younger skin ... I do agree that well-balanced and hydrated skin make you look younger and all "issue" look smaller... but then why do I get anti-aging products to get the effect I can get from moisturizing products. (Right?)

  • No irritation from using this products
    (finished the whole bottle and nothing happened)
  • Doesn't cause any pimples
    (I do have 2 pimples.. but I don't think is caused by this product, because I keep using it and the pimple never get bigger and it kinda goes aways after about 2 days)
  • The ampoule is quite thick and does feel a little sticky
    (don't all anti-aging products feel this way? They are kinda richer in oil contents)
  • After applying cream... I don't feel the stickiness of the ampoule
    (So it will only depend on the texture of your moisturizer you going to use after this ampoule)
I totally recommend this ampoule if you have normal to dry skin...
As for oily or combination skin... I'm not sure that you will enjoy the texture/thickness. But you can try though... since this doesn't make my pimple grow bigger, which means the ampoule is NOT that oily to cause pimples bigger. (Do I make any sense here?)

DCS Nutriderm Ultra nutrition Night Cream
Price : S$40+ (Need to check again)

Ingredients list of DCS Nutriderm Ultra nutrition Night Cream

I have to reminds myself to take a pic before using the product!!!!!
Always used until almost finishing then remember that I haven't taken any pictures! lolx~

This is a cream moisturizer ... super thick like Dr G or the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Premiere Intense Moisture and Renewal (both I really enjoy using)

Creamy and quite moisturizing

I start using this night cream (for day and night - I've checked with the peoples from DCS.. this cream can be use during daytime.. won't cause skin-darkening or anything) without any serum to see how moisturizing this cream will be...

Moisturizing, but I find it a little weak! I need something thicker.. though this doesn't cause dry patches on my skin... BUT my skin does feel a little tight in the morning (so for me, this is not thick/oily/creamy enough for my skin)

  • This cream sit really well on my skin, doesn't feel oily nor feeling thick on my skin after it absorbed
  • After applying just the cream (without the ampoule) and after it's fully absorbed, my skin doesn't feel oily, sticky or look oily (they look soft and matte... maybe because my skin is dry so it absorbed really nicely).  But together with the ampoule.. it just feel a lot more "creamy" (like when you apply cream on the skin.. you can feels the softness and the lotion-y type of finishing) .. but it doesn't feel sticky
  • Does make my nose look a little oily after applying it for about an hour at night (which doesn't bother me at all... since I applied a very thick layer on my nose) I just use a piece of tissue to lightly dab off (not wipe off) the "oil"... and my skin look fresh again ^_^
  • Doesn't cause any irritation
  • No breaking-out
    (no pimples... weird seeds or any nonsense)
I like it best when using it together with the ampoule... the ampoule kinda enhances the "moisturizing" level of the cream and I feel good using both products together (I did use the ampoule with another moisturizer and they goes well together too!)

The cream itself is quite moisturizing for combination to normal skin... as for dry skin... use a serum or the ampoule to boost up the moisturizing level.

DCS Nutriderm Ultra nutrition Night Cream and Ampoule
available at Watsons Singapore


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