3CE haul from Beautiful.Me

Remember few months back I blogged about this NEW members only eShopping club "Beautiful.Me"? Finally... after a few months, they launched and I have been browsing around checking out the products and ects~ (they have all kinds of discount... and I placed my order!)

I got mainly 3CE products (because I've only tried one of their primer and foundation and I'm quite curious about their colors makeup!) plus some random stuff that you might not be interested in (lolx)

I love the Colgate Optic White toothpaste
(2 for S$9 where one usually cost around $8+... if I didn't remember wrongly.. so great BUY! kekekee~)

Beautiful.me was having this great deal - selected brands/products : 2nd item $2
(what a great deal right?) 

Anyway, let me know if you wanna see review on any of the item
(email/comment/FB/Twitter/instagram... whichever you can reach me from)

3CE powder blush in #baby chou

3CE powder blush in #Maybe

3CE powder blush in #shy shy

All these are matte blushes... and baby chou was a bit too light 
(doesn't show up well on my cheek~ Hmm... maybe I should use a smaller and denser blush brush)

3CE Triple Shadow in #Lemme See

 3CE Triple Shadow in #body to body

I didn't swatch these (I thought I did.. but I can't find it~)
Anyway, will do a LOTD post on these soon~

3CE Gel Eyeliner in Black

3CE Glam Cream shadow

Got the 3CE Natural Finish Loose powder in shade 1
I don't use powder much on my face lately... but sometimes, I do enjoy using a little bit under my eyes/nose and chin

Got all these at https://www.beautiful.me

Purchase with my own $$$ + credit provided by beautiful.me