SUISSE Programme Platinum Precious Luxe Eye Cream

Base on my experience of using eye cream for almost all my life, I learned that no amount of GOOD eye cream can helps in fading away dark eyes cirlce then good sleep, water and some eye massage. What good eye cream (eye products) can helps us was that they can keep our sensitive skin around our eyes hydrated... prevent further aging damaging.

I have been trying SUISSE Programme Platinum Precious Luxe eye cream for about 2 months (I emptied the whole jar! Always tried to finish all the skincare I've started unless my skin don't like it)

If you have very sensitive skin like mine... massage is NOT a good option. I usually do acupuncture points for sinus (I have sinus, so the blood circulation around my eye area wasn't good. So I have blueish dark circle even when I have enough sleep!! Have to improve the blood circulation!)

To be frank, I do not do the acupuncture points for sinus all the time (from maybe twice a week to once a month to whenever I remember about it! lolx...) I actually don't mind dark circle.. I hate fine lines under my eyes and my eye lids are always get irritated and itchy easily. So I need rich creamy eyecream to soothe the skin and keeping my skin hydrated.  

(Hydrated skin = less fine lines/tired skin)

Here's a picture of the 15ml SUISSE Programme Platinum Precious Luxe Eye Cream
In this range they also have a serum 
(a lighter version or can be used together with the Luxe eye cream).

The box and everythings look quite luxe, the jar was made of plastic not glass as compare to a much expensive brands.

Oops! I almost forgot to take a pic of the product
(so here's one I took before I finished up this jar)

Very moist and creamy ... but very thick
Easy to spread around our sensitive skin

  • Very moisturizing
  • Oily yes, but once it absored into my thirsty skin, it has a nice soothing velvety finishing
  • Not sticky
  • Does helps to hydrate and soothe tired skin
  • Fine lines under my eyes look less tired 
  • Dark circle wise.. I only know my skin look brighter, but I still can see the dark circle (just not so dull looking)
  • Doesn't irritate my skin
I enjoy using this product - hydrate and soothe my sensitive skin quite well.
This eyecream do a good job, but so does almost all the different brands of good eyecreams I've tried.

No wow factor, but decent enough to keep my skin feeling good and not worried about ugly tired skin around my eye area.

Ingredients list of the SUISSE Programme Platinum Precious Luxe Eye Cream

SUISSE Programme Platinum Precious Luxe Eye Cream
available at all SASA Outlets

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