Introducing Bulgarian Rose Karlovo

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo, a new skin, body and hair care brand had launched in Singapore... I've never heard about this brand until Ming (miwitch) mentioned about it. I googled, didn't learned much (since hardly anyone local talks about it...) but it does catches my attention with the use of rose essentials oil. I enjoy using rose scented products because... well, no reason at all.. I just enjoy using ROSE products~ it smell gooooooood~ lolx

So I attended the tea party (few weeks ago) to learn more about the brand and their products.... it's a nice little cozy little tea party.

About Bulgarian Rose Karlovo
The Bulgarian Rose factory was founded in 1948 on the basis of distilleries for processing essential-oil raw materials, which existed in the valley of Karlovo.

Until the 60s, the production process in the factory is seasonal and involves production of essential oils - rose, lavender and mint, as well as concretes - rose and lavender, and absolutes - rose and lavender.

It has been supply raw materials to varies international companies for cosmetic purchases. In 2000, Bulgarian Rose Karlovo was created to produce its own cosmetic line.

Bulgarian Rose Signature is a series of skin care that uses Rose complex care to retain the skin’s youth. Created in the laboratories at Bulgarian Rose PLC – Karlovo, Bulgarian Rose Signature combines traditional beauty care, innovative active ingredients and technologies.

The developed products give a solution on how to keep the beautiful youthful appearance of the skin, how to smooth out the tell-tales signs of age, how to compensate the increasing collagen deficit and how to keep its fresh look for longer time.

The active formula of each product is: natural rose oil, rose absolute, natural rose water derived from flowers of the oil-bearing rose /Rosa damascena Mill/ known as "The Queen of Flowers" and yoghurt.

I'm not a fan of soap, but these look cute~

Bulgarian Rose Signature Natural Rose Water is their top selling products!
Price : S$29.90
100% natural rose water obtained by distillation of the flowers of the oil- bearing Rosa Damascena P.Mill..

The natural rose water is a natural tonic that soothes, moisturizes and refreshes the skin. It is rich in natural Vitamin C and other Rose polyphenols, it is known for its natural hydration, brightening and cell rejuvenation benefits. Alcohol free, preservatives free and cruelty free.

Suitable for pregnant babies.
Soothes, moisturizes and refreshes the skin
Apply with a moistened swab or a wet compress.
Keep in a cool place.

When I first try this on my hand (I means my whole right arm)... the water feels quite light (not sticky nor slimy) and very refreshing (not sure how this will feel on the face...).

Bulgarian Rose Signature Serum for face 
Price : S$39
Active ingredients: 
rose oil, rose absolute, yoghurt, collagen, argan oil, olive oil, pea extract, polysaccharide

A special care for skin of the face rich in content of active ingredients. The fine texture allows easy penetration into skin of the face, by making it firmer, fresh and toned.

Protects against the harmful effects of the sun and it is useful care for diminishing fine and deep wrinkles. The serum could be used either separately or in combination with day or night cream.

Apply on well cleansed face, neck and neckline with light massage movements.

Bulgarian Rose Signature Whitening face cream
Price : S$35.90
Active ingredients: rose oil, rose absolute, yoghurt, squalene, macadamia oil, UV filter
A rich formula made from active ingredients that effectively hydrate and protect facial skin from the harmful effects of the environment.

It stimulates and strengthens the synthesis of collagen and elastin allowing the skin to retain its youth. This cream lightens pigmentation, evening of skin tone, allowing the skin to glow in radiance. When regularly used facial skin is refreshed, velvet smooth and supple.

Apply daily on clean face.

Hair Care Liquid Crystal
Nourish and strengthen the hair, protect from the UV and humidity effect and act as conditioner preventing the ends from splitting.

Using Crystal Disperses technology, the Hair Liquid Disperse Crystals smoothens out rough cuticles of the hair, allowing the hair to strengthen and glow. It gives silky sensation and brilliance to the hair and does not leave an oily trail.

Apply a few drops on clean and dry hand and comb along the hairs, do not rinse out.

Rose Joghurt Series
A healthy impact of dairy products had been known to many ancient cultures. Thracians who inhabited the lands of modern Bulgaria 7000 years ago had obtained yoghurt through lactic acid fermentation of milk.

It possesses a complex composition including amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, which are linked with fat soluble vitamins A, E and D. Milk proteins are absolutely necessary for construction and maintenance of connective tissue in human body. They are a very good conditioner for skin by forming a thin film on it. Essential fatty acids in milk are suitable for maintenance of healthy and firm skin. Carbohydrates energize and reactivate skin cells.

Active Concepts:
- Yoghurt powder - rich in peptides and amino acids, improves the cell metabolism of skin
- AC Yoghurt Dermal Respiratory Factor - ferment synthesized from stimulated live cells of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and isolated from them by high-tech processes.

Obtained in this manner, the product acts as PROBIOTIC - increases oxygen consumption of skin cells, promotes cellular oxydation, increases energy reserves and plays an active role in the fight against aging.

Rose oil and rose water are natural products obtained from floweres of oil-bearing rose /ROSA DAMASCENA MILL/. Natural rose oil has a good aromatherapeutic, refreshing and preventive effect against wrinkles.

Rose Joghurt Gentle Care Body Butter
Price : S$37.50
This feels quite nice on the skin~

The cosmetic series ROSE
With a gentle and enchanting fragrance rose oil has a powerful aromatherapeutic influence on the human body - removes nervous tension, a strong aphrodisiac and antidepressant.

The cosmetic series ROSE is universal and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

ROSE Light Cream and Night Cream
Active ingredients: natural rose water, Q10, almond oil, vitamin A and E, D-panthenol.
Light cream with hydrating and rejuvenating ingredients. Contains rose water for skin hydration and nourishing. Almond oil is absorbed by the epidermis and regenerates its freshness. Enriched by complex of vitamins A, E, D-panthenol and Q10, Rose cream rejuvenates in depth, prevents dehydration and stimulates cells regeneration.

Daily use ensures skin elasticity and velvet softness.
No preservatives.
Apply morning and evening.

ROSE Exfoliating Facial Mask
Price : S$12

Price list available on their website 

I will try to use the products they gave us soon
(once I finished whatever I'm using NOW)

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo is available at 
OG Albert Complex
60 Albert Street OG Albert Complex Singapore 189969
Tel  | (65) 6210 2222    Fax | (65) 6333 0111

OG Orchard Point 
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SASA Clementi Mall
3155 Commonwealth Ave W,
The Clementi Mall #03-18/19, Singapore 129588

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1 Joo Chiat Road, #01-1039/41 Singapore, 420001 

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