Celebrate the Wings of Change with SK-II @ VIVO City

SK-II is celebrating the Wings of Chang at Vivo City (Central Court A) this Festive season with their limited edition Facial Treatment Essence. SK-II #changedestiny World Festive Edition will be at Vivo City until Sunday 22nd November 2015.

The Festive season, SK-II given the iconic Facial Treatment Essence a stunning new look with a meaningful series of limited edition designs that celebrate the power of personal transformation and the will to change your destiny.

As part of an ongoing commitment to empower women with the promise of crystal clear skin and the confidence to shape their best destiny, SK-II has created these artistic "Wings of Change" bottles of the iconic beauty essence for the Christmas and Holiday Season.

Perseverance: Blue Hummingbirds
The hummingbird, though petite in size, is fearless and powerful, and a perfect symbol of perseverance and never giving up in the pursuit of your dreams.

Boldness: Red Butterflies
Symbolic of the courage and will power it takes to take charge of and change your own destiny.

Encouragement: Pink Butterflies
A colour synonymous with love and affection, the soft hues parallel the warmth of encouragement that anyone would appreciate before they embark on their transformation.

Discover your Wings of Change gifting personality here: http://wingsofchange.sg/
Mine is the Pink butterflies (Encouragement)

During this event, don't miss out the SK-II Gift Catchers – with a minimum purchase of S$99, you will get two beauty tokens to try your hand at the SK-II Gift Catcher to grab yourself some SK-II exclusives

Gifts include :: SK-II festive themed thumbdrives, travel adaptor, pendant, product samples, notebooks and ects....

Festive performances Nathan Hartono and Tay Kexin at the launch of the SK-II #changedestiny World Festive Edition at VivoCity on Tuesday.

Pricing ::
SK-II Pitera Essence Set -  S$99
SK-II Iconic Set - S$259
SK-II Beauty Blossom Set - S$348
SK-II Age Protect Set - S$478
SK-II Flawless Beauty Set - S$558
SK-II Skin Indulgence Set - S$883
SK-II Men Smart Set - S$233

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