Zalora Black Friday Deals

I am a fan of fashion. I enjoy watching fashion relation TV shows, checking fashion stuff (including subculture fashion trends- especially their accessories)... thought I don't dress up much and am pretty lazy to plan my outfit! But I do love them... because who don't love love pretty, glittery and shiny stuff! lolx

Zalora will be having their Black Friday Deals soon ... so I have been checking out Zalora and making my wishlist (lolx) I'm into pencil skirt or maxi dresses lately!!!

I remember I used to have a pair of similar sunglasses when I'm a teen (above sunglasses). This type of sunglasses was so popular back in late 80s early 90s (if I didn't remember wrongly).

Lately, I have been thinking about getting sunglasses that have green or blue chrome tined lens... so cute right? This pair from ALDO was pretty affortable!!

This is soooo cute.... but I don't think my chubby face will look good in these~ 

Maxi skirt - so nice
But I want something that can cover up to my knees..

Same pattern different prints...

This is cute... 

I don't like wearing loud colors (except red) in clothing... but I don't mine bold colors on my eyes or bags or shoes... just clothing, I prefer black or navy blue. My wardrobe was pretty boring... different shades of black (mostly black) and navy blue! lolx

OH and Zalora beauty section... they bring in some new brands.. Inglot ... MEMEBOX!

Zalora will be having Black Friday Deals soon.... remember to sign up to get an all access pass to their latest deals!!

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