Philosophy The microdelivery Overnight anti-aging Peel

Sometimes you gain more when you let go

This apply to everythings and it doesn't means you are running away from your problems. Sometimes you just have to let it go to be free~

In this post (skincare wise), it means that letting go of your dead skin cell, you will benefit more from your skincare! Philosphy is full of "philosophy" don't you think so? lolx

This time round, Philosophy bring in another innovation to the at-home peel category with the launch of "The microdelivery Overnight anti-aging Peel" - a two-step, leave-on anti-aging peel to improve key signs of visible skin aging (wrinkles, loss of firmness and enlarged pores).

The microdevlivery overnight anti-aging peel combines the micro-exfoliation of a peel with the restorative benefits of an overnight sleep mask, virtually eliminating the potential for irritation, gental yet effective enough for both longtime peel loyalists and first-time users.

The story
The latest news in in-office peeling show that it's not enough to just peel. To maximize the benefits of surface skin removal, underlying skin cells need specific care - especially immediately after a peel when skin is most receptive to treatment. This concept has been at the core of philosphy peels for over 18 years.

The technology
How can a peel be both hardworking and gentle? The microdelivery Overnight anti-aging Peel's gentle yet effective dexterity comes from 2 sources : gold standard ingredients and unique delivery methods.

Key ingredients are delivered to skin by way of a 2-steps system:
  • Step 1 : alpha/beta hydroxy acid leave-on peel solution : a unique leave-on solution to refine skin featuring gold standard glycolic acid and professional grade lactic acid, to gently warm skin on contact and help open pores while encouraging skin micro-exfoliation. The leave-on peel solution creates a pathway to allow skin to receive restoring benefits of the youth extending night gel.
  • Step 2 : youth-extending night gel : an innovative, cucumber-scented memory gel texture applied over step 1 peel solution, formulated with skin-strengthening natural echinacea, anti-aging peptides, anti-irritants oat extract and bisabolol to help cool, soothe and comfort skin with deep hydration.

Here's a little demo on using Philosophy skincare and follow-up with the 
NEW The microdelivery Overnight anti-aging Peel

This is how the The microdelivery Overnight anti-aging Peel gel look like
(step 2 - overnight mask/youth-extending night gel)

I find that the gel may feels a little bit light on drier skin ... can simply just top it off with renewed hope in a jar (for dry skin) .....
This feel so rich and yummy on the skin (at least, on the back of my hand!!!)

Here's a wide selection of "hope in a jar" for every skin types!

I will do review on this product once I try it for a good amount of time (more the 4 weeks)

Philosophy The microdelivery Overnight anti-aging Peel
Available at Sephora 

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