Dr. Belter Cosmetic Multibenefit Color Balm and Sun protection Face Elixir SPF 30

After a session of Dr Belter customised skincare treatment at Annabelle last year ... I grow to enjoy the brand and I'm  in love with their Eye Lift Complex from the Bel-energen range (Which I should do a review on it soon.)

So, this time round I was introduce to their NEW Dr Belter Intensa Multibenefit Color Balm and Sun protection Face Elixir SPF 30.

Note :: This is an introduction post on 2 new products from Dr Belter, not a review post... will do reviews separately ^_^
Dr. Belter Cosmetic Multibenefit Color Balm
Available in 3 shades

The Multibenefit Color Balm is a multifunctional colour balm with natural moisturizing factors, precious biological lipids and selected anti-aging actives, such as alpinia galanga, baobab-hibiscus-complex and hyaluronic acid.

It offers advanced protective properties using vitamins, shielding pigments and the patented Ectoin® cell protection. Natural skin tone optimizing pigments correct the appearance of imperfections to develop even, radiant skin in only one simple step.

Ingredients list of the Dr Belter Multibenefit Color Balm

The color balm doesn't feel like a "pigmented" products... when I applied on my face, it feels more like a lighter version of a moisturizer.... it has a nice texture and doesn't give too much coverage. (Sheer to medium coverage).. but this does feel nice on the skin (I will do another details review on this products soon!!!)

Dr Belter  Sun protection Face Elixir SPF 30
This protective concentrate for the face protects sensitive skin from sunburn and other harmful effects of the sun. The formula uses biological cell protection complexes, such as Ectoin®, a special DNA shield from the plant cassia alata to prevent sun-induced skin aging and the formation of hyperpigmentation.

This sun protection face elixir is pretty interesting, suitable for sensitive skin and this product also helps to reduce sunburn and soothe irritation skin due to sun damaging!!!

I have been trying this products for a while now... so far so good, very soothing and nice on the skin (I think I will come out with a review soon!!!)

Ingredients list of the Dr Belter Sun Protection Face Elixir SPF 30

I have a nice time chatting about skin issue with Mrs Sonia Belter, CEO of Dr.Belter Germany

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