Watsons Elite membership programme for 2016

Watsons launched their 2016 Elite Membership qualification programme for the third year running to reward their loyal customers with additional perks and benefits.

To qualify, you can simply spend a total of S$900 from 4th June 2015 to 31 Octobe 2015 with no less than (can be more la) 10 different day receipts.

Watsons Elite members' benefits are significantly richer than Watsons membership. In addition to the regular Watsons member benefits, 2016 Elite members will also enjoy 1 year free MobileCare insurance on top of the Elite privileges which include 10times bonus points during the birthday month, 4 times the bonus points on Watsons products, shop 1 day in advance as well as priority queue advantage during Watson's members sale and an additional 300 points every time a minimum of S$300 is spent.

Members of the Watsons Elite Membership programme are re-selected annually based on different qualifications each year. Existing 2015 Watsons Elite members who re-qualify for 2016 Elite Membership will also receive an exclusive surprise gift.

Customers who re-qualify for the Elite Membership program will be notified via email or SMS by January 2016

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