DOVE Volume and Nourishment range

When someone asked about my haircare routine.... I will say I didn't do much, find a suitable shampoo/conditioner that suit your hair and scalp and dry shampoo!! I have limp hair and they get oily very easily. And not forgetting that I have sensitive scalp that get irritated easily. (Sad right... got so much problems and I always have "wet" hair on the 2nd day afternoon!!! Very flat and greasy lor)

So I always look for balancing scalp type of shampoo (most shampoo just feel too rich for my hair root...) or volumizing shampoo. I was quite excited to try this new range of haircare products from DOVE - DOVE Nutritive solutions Volume Shampoo, conditioner and Root lift spray.

The next big thing in hair care for DOVE is giving volume and nourishment all in one. This new range of hair care products will give hair up to 95% more volume. The new DOVE Volume and Nourishment range offers dry and flat hair more bounce and life.

DOVE Volume and Nourishment range is formulated with an oxyfusion technology which use oxygen-fused ingredients that absorb into hair quickly to restore smoothness and volume.

Oxygen-fused ingredients in the formula wrap around each strand of hair and coat it with a protective layer to seal in the nourishment that hair needs without weighing it down.

These moisture-binding molecules also swell in water, pushing hair strands apart and aligning them to make hair manageable while achieving full-bodied volumed.

Sound so interesting... sometimes, I think that my oily hair may be the resulted of dry scalp since I always stay in air-coned places (just like our skin... the drier it gets more oil will produce)... so I have to try the shampoo out to see whether it will give me more volume and less oily hair and hope that this won't irritate my sensitive scalp.

I will come back with full details review after trying out the products for a period of time~


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