Everything begins with Advanced Génifique at Lancome

The oh so famous Lancôme Advanced Genifique “The Little Black Bottle” has become a must-have product for women all over the world, no matter what their skin type or age and is by definition the radiance treatment that reveals a woman’s youthful aura.

This August/September (2015), Lancôme will be uniting four of its ambassadresses in a single campaign, showcasing:  The #YouthfulAura 

The faces of Lancôme femininity
Kate Winslet, Lupita Nyong’o, Penélope Cruz and Lily Collins: four incarnations of the Lancôme woman at her most touching, most singular and most confident. What unites them? A form of radiance, the light that emanates from them, a light that seems to come from within and that transcends notions of age and ethnicity.

This intangible and very personal glow, unique to each of them, represents free and modern beauty. It is the Youthful Aura. Lancôme asked three artists to capture the special Aura of each of these womenby uniting them in a campaign, the first one by Lancôme that brings its four ambassadresses together. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, whose talent has been behind most of the Lancôme visuals for the last two years, took photographs with seductive simplicity: portraits with understated glamour and clean elegance, an absolutely modern homage to the great tradition of classic portraiture. Meanwhile, in the director’s chair, Peter Lindbergh stages the Lancôme ambassadresses in an advertising film. Peter Lindbergh, a longstanding partner, an artist skilled at truly revealing femininity with all its gentleness and serene strength. Peter Lindbergh, who by immortalising Isabella Rossellini in a Trésor campaign, offered Lancôme the ideal reflection of femininity forevermore. This campaign, designed like a portrait gallery of beautiful women, also features a fifth star: the Advanced Génifique bottle. 

A familiar object, an object of desire and, above all, a beautiful object. An object that also creates a bond with the four Lancôme ambassadresses, who embrace it. An iconic object, more than ever before. The Youthful Aura: to each her own Because, first and foremost, beauty by Lancôme is the beauty of being yourself, each Lancôme ambassadress was selected, naturally, for her unique beauty, which comes from deep within. Never chosen for their physical beauty alone, the women who incarnate Lancôme are, above all, women who have a firm foothold in their time, women who are calmly confident, always active in a cause, role models. 

Kate Winslet, Penélope Cruz, Lupita Nyong’o (all three Oscar winners) and Lily Collins: each represents Advanced Génifique’s Youthful Aura in her own way and with her own personality.

Lily Collins: illuminating freshness
As European as she is American, this rising Hollywood star lights up the screen with her lively grace. Free, confident and elegant… This ballerina’s granddaughter nimbly twirls through The Blind Side, Mirror Mirror and Love, Rosie. Her feline resemblance to Audrey Hepburn is striking. She loves smiles that come “from within”, when happiness is so overpowering that it cannot be held back and makes women radiate with a unique glow. For Advanced Génifique, she dazzles with freshness. She is incredibly luminous, the very embodiment of inner radiance.

Lupita Nyong’o: shining energy
The Kenyan actress catches the eyes and stirs up the imagination with her powerful yet fragile beauty. An Oscar winner for her heart-wrenching role in « 12 Years a Slave » by Steve McQueen, a Yale graduate and an acclaimed director, she embodies her characters with naturalness and magnetism. A strong, fulfilled woman, her smile is joy itself, radiant and irresistible joy. Lupita has an extremely singular Aura, both luminous and deep. Her charisma, this sparkle expressed by a woman who knows and accepts herself, reveals her unique beauty without straying from her true nature, her sense of humour and her curiosity. Her dazzling and contagious energy literally shines.

Penélope Cruz: vibrant elegance
Pedro Almodóvar’s muse won America’s heart without losing her Spanish roots. Awarded the Oscar for her moving role in «Vicky Cristina Barcelona» by Woody Allen, she masters all genres, from «Pirates of the Caribbean»: On Stranger Tides to the musical «Nine» and the film «Volver», while remaining as fiery, intense and sensual as ever. For her, a luminous woman is a fulfilled woman who is deeply connected to herself and the present moment. A sublime actress with incredible integrity, she is able to express a whole range of emotions in a single glance or movement… She unleashes all of her sunny femininity for Advanced Génifique

Kate Winslet: brilliant presence
To date Kate has received six Oscar nominations for her masterful acting, driven by intelligence and emotion, and she won the prestigious award for her role in «The Reader ». She is afraid of nothing and constantly explores new territories, which is reflected in her film choices ranging from « Titanic » to « Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ». She is the perfect representation of today’s woman; elegant, smart, yet serene, she is an actress with overwhelming talent… Her presence is radiant, strong, remarkable and yet totally amiable and kind—once again, another expression of Advanced Génifique’s Youthful Aura.

For the last 80 years, Lancôme has built and maintained a close relationship with women, becoming a familiar and trustworthy beauty partner. It has done so by listening to their actual needs and giving them concrete solutions based on avant-garde science. A vision that expresses a different understanding of femininity. Real, not fantasised, it reflects what women truly want and what they like about themselves. Its secret? The aura: the indefinable quality that makes women more beautiful, expressed by each woman in her own unique way. Lancôme decided to capture this aura in a series of portraits. For the first time, the House united four of its ambassadresses in a single advertising  campaign.  

Advanced Génifique, the first step of all Lancôme routines, was the inspiration. A cross-generational and universal beauty step, “The Little Black Bottle”, as it is known to its loyal Asian fans, is by definition the radiance treatment that reveals a woman’s aura. Kate Winslet, Penélope Cruz, Lupita Nyong’o and Lily Collins: the four actresses each embody a facet of this happy beauty that Lancôme offers to all women. Advanced Génifique, which has received a warm welcome from millions of women all over the world, deserved nothing less. Lancôme accentuates its singular beauty vision with its star serum and thanks women for 80 years of trust and companionship along the way.

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