Benefit They're Real mascara and They're Real Push-Up liner in Color

Remember Benefit's They're Real Mascara and Push-up liner?? A liner that makes drawing bold thick eyeliner easy? Now both the Mascara and Push-Up liner comes in color!! I love colored everythings!!! lolx

So here's the one I have and I super loving the Blue They're Real Mascara!!!!
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A liner beyond belief!!
Now available in purple, blue and green
(Original black)

All the colored liner contains black pigment, and it won't look too light on the eyes and still give good definition to enhance your eye's shape.

They're Real Mascara Now available in Blue, Brown and Black (original)


Blue They're Real Mascara and They're Real Push-up liner in Purple and green

Ingredients list

Ingredients list

Ingredients list

I have been wearing the Blue They're Real Mascara for a few weeks now...
I have a little love hate feeling with it... it smudges on me sometimes but not all the times!! 
Anyway, the bright blue makes everything alright!!! lolx

I'm wearing the "They're Real" Push-Up liner in Purple

My buibui looking emo, cos I cut short his fur the day before and she's still getting used to her new cut~ (She look lighter and so cute .. like a grey cloud walking around the house! hahahahaa)

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