Triumph Orchard Gateway First Anniversay

Two Saturday ago... pop by the Triumph Outlets at Orchard Gateway to celebrate their 1st anniversay! This is my first time checking out the outlets... normally I just visit the Triumph counters in the departmental store (it's just more easy as I(we) browse from toys, clothing, makeup to bras~ hahahaha)

So let me take you on a tour around of the Orchard Gateway outlet thru my camera ^_^

These set is makes of the world's finest cotton... this would be good if you have really sensitive skin~
I don't like push-up bras and these have build-in waton (I means padding) that I cannot take it out!

I like these...

Triumph always have really nice print, design and colors 
(I'm a fan of Triumph.... so I'm a bit bias~ hahahaa)

Let your body breath!



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Orchard Gateway
227 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858

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