SOTHYS Diamond Programme with the Energizing Duo - Energizing Booster Serum and Energizing Radiance Ampoules

SOTHYS SINGAPORE recently unveils a ground breaking skincare solution that profoundly restores skin’s youthful vitality and luminous glow, SOTHYS Diamond Programme. Featuring the New Energizing Duo, Sothys Energizing Booster Serum and Sothys Energizing Radiance Ampoules, it restores youthful luminosity to your skin in just 4 weeks!!! 

 I have been quite selective when it comes to skincare (more so after my allergy episode - because my skin was quite weak and have become more sensitive as compare to before) ... so I always on a look-out for skin-friendly skincare (hydrating/moisturizing range most of the time) and also add in one product that will helps to boost up skin immune system or strengthen my skin cells (that type of skincare range).

I have tried a few different brands and they all works! Before my allergy, I don't feel much different when I use a hydrating serum or booster/strengthen cell serum ... they just feel quite the same to my then combination skin... BUT now, after using for a good amount of time, my skin does feel more calm and has lesser irritation!

So this launch is pretty exciting for me, because I can't wait to try the products and see how much this can helps to improve my skin condition!

Sothys Energizing Radiance Ampoules
A true energy boost: the Energizing radiance ampoules work like an instant transparent mask to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

Active ingredients
  • Beech bud extract
    Smooth the microrelief
  • Siberian ginseng
    Adaptogenic properties to optimize the skin’s energy reserve.
  • Almond biofibres
    To form a smoothing film at the surface of the skin.

Energizing Booster Serum
This serum with an extraordinarily lightweight texture, boosts the skin’s energy capital and helps restore a radiant complexion.

Active ingredients
  • Siberian ginseng
    Adaptogenic properties to optimize the skin’s energy reserve.
  •  Anti-ageing illuminating complex
    To unify the complexion, limit and correct imperfections.

It said that 80% of their panellists noticed  a more unified complexion !*
* Result obtained from self-assessment by 20 people who used the Energizing booster serum in the morning and evening for one month.

The serum feels quite nice on the skin, absorbed really well and skin feel quite smooth and nice~ 
(I have been using this for a week now... so far so good... no visible improvement nor irriation... which is a plus for my skin condition!!! Can't wait to do a details review on this~)

SOTHYS Diamond Programme includes (1-month programme):
1 bottle x Energizing Booster Serum (30ml) and 16 vials x Energizing Radiance Ampoules (1ml)

Application Method:

Apply Energizing Booster Serum daily, both day and night for 30 days. 

Apply before face moisturizer.
Then apply Energizing Radiance Ampoule after suncare. 
Apply on alternate day during day time. 
Followed by Make-up Foundation. 
The Energizing Radiance Ampoule will act as a make-up base. 

If you are going for evening dinner and parties, you can also apply the ampoule before Make-up Foundation.

For long lasting make-up, you can blend half of the ampoule with foundation.

This programme specifically addresses 4C’s integral factors that enable your skin to glow with youthful, diamond-like luminosity: Cellular Energy, Color “Chromophores”, Collagen and Clarity! 

After 4 weeks, you will have youthful and healthy skin that glows like a precious diamond.

Both Energizing Booster Serum and Energizing Radiance Ampoules are suitable for all skin types

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