The New and improved Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water

I have been a fan of spa water for as long as I can remember and I have tried a numbers of brands. They all works quite the same in some ways.  So most important points for me is to be able to soothe, hydrated and feel refreshing after using.  Peoples may say it's just water in a can - I know!!! But the water are kinda different in "contents" as compare to tap water or mineral water... it's pH balance, different type of mineral contents and feel more hydrating and refreshing on the skin.

In April (2015), Bio-essence introduce their new Miracle Bio Water that was uniquely formulated with bio-energy technology, which is well known for its benefits in dermatology. And a range of skincare that contains Miracles Bio Water.  

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The New Miracle Bio Water is one of its kinds with the lowest salt content and hypoallergenic. Our skin need to stay hydrated in order to remain moist, supple and healthy in our crazy hot summer weather. The NEW Miracle Bio Water is dermatologically tested and provides power hydration and instant cooling sensation... great for a refreshing our face.

With the reformulation of Miracle Bio water - they also changed the packaging with a new spray to give a finer spray experience. (I like it... the spray was way finer and the mist doesn't feel too "strong" on the skin. 

20 Excellent Efficacies for Face, Hair & Body:

• Fastest cooling, soothing and calming effects
• Highest hydration with lowest salt content
• pH-Balanced – hypoallergenic formulation
• Controls oil effectively
• Refines pores
• Brightens skin
• Firms skin
• Cools eye to help reduce eye strain
• Suitable for sensitive skin
• Use after makeup for long lasting and natural look
• Moisturizes and nourishes skin
• Relieves tiredness, energizing
• Soothes skin after treatment

• Moisturizes hair
• Relieves hair dryness that leads to split ends

• Refreshes and soothes skin after exercise
• Soothes and calms skin
• Under hot sun to moisturize and refresh skin

For Babies
• Ideal skincare for babies
• Pre-nappy application

Highest hydration with lowest salt content

Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin

Miracle Bio Water can be use on face, body and hair... after cleansing before your usual skincare routine and after... before makeup or after makeup, anytimes when your skin feel warm, tired or dehydrated.

It can be used as a quick perk me up hydrating mask... soak up a cotton face sheet mask (those you bought in the store.. PLEASE do not re-use sheet mask!!!). Or like me.. I just soak up a few cotton squares.... mask over the eye and lip areas. I do this almost every night after shower... since these 3 points are the most dehydrated and tired area (you blink, eat and talk almost every second!) .

  • The water feels quite similar to various brands that I've tried on my initial usage (but I do notice the mist (spray) is much finer and spread out evenly around my face.)
  • I do love the cooling effect.. quite soothing and refreshing on my warm skin
  • Absored really well ...
  • Doesn't cause any irritation on my sensitive skin
  • Quite moisturizing
  • Doesn't has any scent to it

I used the Miracle Bio Water after cleansing before my usual skincare routine. Totally enjoying the cooling effect cos my skin always feel quite warm after showering.

I like using this type of water during makeup application....
- when I wet my brush for foundation application
- mix into foundation to thin out the heavy thick consistency of the foundation
-When I want foil effect eyeshadow
-Or when my face look too powdery ... I will spray some on my skin to make it less powdery.

It said to have the lowest salt content as compare to most the "spa water" in the market.... and lowest salt content will absorbs less moisture from the skin and ensures better moisturizing and hydrating effects.

 The NEW Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water came in 2 sizes 100ml and 300ml

The 100ml is small enough to bring it everywhere you go... just drop it in your bag and the Miracle Bio water will keep you fresh and hydrated on the go~ Can be use on makeup face (it won't mess up your pretty makeup~)

Whenever I sit infront of the computer, I need to have my coffee, my phone, lipbalm and of-course not forgetting the Miracle Bio water to keep me fresh and hydrated~

Some examples displayed at the event~

 Basically you can bring the Miracle bio water anywhere you want!

Hold the bottle at a distance not less than 20 cm from targeted area and spray. Pat it dry gently after spraying. (Do not need to pat dry after makeup.)

At the product's previewing session... we got to do a little experiment on how hydrating and cooling on the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water~

Here's my results
Skin temperature...
My skin's quite warm!! about 37.7 or 38 degree celsius (I measured a few times .. no wonder I keep breaking out!!!) The Miracle Bio Water does helps to cool down my skin for about 2 degree celsius.

Hydrating level... 
I got an average of 3% to 5% more hydrating after using the Miracle Bio Water.

Here's are the rest of the products from the Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water Range

Bio essence Miracle Bio Water Jelly Makeup remover

 Bio essence Miracle Bio Water Cleansing Gel

Bio essence Miracle Bio Water Foamy cleanser

Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water Cooling Sunscreen SPF50+

Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water Cooling Sunscreen SPF 30
(For face and body - whitening)

I love using sunscreen(sunblock)
You know me.. I will always give sun protection products "extra coverage" on the post(lolx)!

So here's are the swatches of both sunscreen.... I find that the one with SPF 50+ is way cooling as compare to the whitening sunscreen (which has SPF30).

Both sunscreen contains similar ingredients .. only Arbutin was added to the whitening cooling sunscreen (the one with SPF 30)

Below are the different range of products from Bio-essence~

Anti-aging range

whitening range

Collagen range

Body slimming/firming range

24K Bio Gold for Luminosity and radiance skin

At the event, we are asked to decor our Miracle Bio water... but me being me, my brain can be a bit lazy when I'm ask to do something (always on zombie mood).... so I just use sequins to stick it all over my Bio-essence Miracle Bio-Water bottle and hope that the sequins do their part at being pretty and shiny~ (hahahhaa~)

Am I pretty??
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About Bio-Essence
A home-grown and established brand, Bio-essence has always been on the forefront of innovation in developing effective new products that serves consumers’ needs of achieving and maintaining gorgeous, healthy skin.

Housing copious ranges and products, Bio-essence has expanded from the local market to globally. The brand has won multiple accolades under its name such as owning the title of the No. 1 Face Lifting Cream since 2004*, No. 1 skincare brand in Watsons as well as clinching multiple beauty awards.

Miracle Bio Water is uniquely low in salt and has always been known for its multiple efficacies. It infuses skin with moisture and offers optimal tolerance as it has been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin which provides power hydration and instant cooling sensation.

Price ::
100ml : S$12.90
Twin pack (100ml) : S$16.90
300ml : S$28.90
Twin pack (300ml) : S$29.90

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Bio Essence is available at 
Watsons, BHG, C K Department Store, Guardian, John Little, NTUC FairPrice (selected outlets only), OG, Robinsons, Unity Healthcare (selected outlets only), Sheng Siong and selected mini cosmetic houses.

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